Monday, December 30, 2019


As everyone probably know now, the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo with numerous local and foreign armed groups have been executing the genocide against Banyamulenge in the high hills of Itombwe, Minembwe. 
Over 200 villages have been burned and completed destroyed; around 100,000 cows have been taken away by force by all those armed groups including government forces known as FARDC; a national army that was supposed to protect civilians but turned against them. 

These young girls have vowed to save Mulenge by peaceful but powerful means possible. Their Save Mulenge campaign has caught a global attention worldwide. It's unthinkable that in 2019 we still have governments killing and looting it's own citizens. Yet, the DRCongo is such a shameful government.  
Sadly, even the UN forces that have been deployed in the DRC since 2012 known as MONUSCO have been watching as thousands of Banyamulenge were being killed, their villages destroyed and livestock's stolen and looting of their goods done on regular basis. 
One cannot help to wonder why this evil conspiracy against the Banyamulenge. 

In any case, Mulenge will be Save by the Almighty God through the sons and daughters of Mulenge. 

Live Mulenge

A M. 
Journal Minembwe 

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