Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Kampala negotiation is DRC's last chance

It has been over a week now that the DRC government and M33 have come back to Kampala after being forced to by the CIRGL upon the realization that the solution for a real peace in the region would only happen through a political not military solution as previously wrongly envisioned by the united nations. It is also crucial to note that the DRC has also come to a grip that even with the military support by the UN forces it was still incapable to neutralize M23 forces as it previously hoped. To save its face from embarrassment the UN has urged the DRC gov to accept another attempt of Kampala talk with the M23 instead of risking once again to loose Goma and eventually the entire Eastern Congo. Now amazingly M23 has clearly lowered its bar in order to give peace another chance: it has reduced its claims to only 2 conditions just to prove to the world how Kabila and its gov are willing to bring peace in eastern Congo. M23's only 2 conditions consist of: A. The return of Congolese refugees. B. The desarmement of the Fdlr/genocidaires forces responsible for insecurities and mass violation of human rights in that part of the world.  It's not surprising that the DRC although weak would fail to take this chance and accept to reach a peaceful agreement with M23. The risk is high and the looser will no doubt be the DRC gov. One can only sing: Que Sera. Sera. Whatever will be will.....  Let's wait and see. Ak.