Thursday, May 10, 2018

The DRC is one of two countries in Africa - the other being Sudan - that should be partitioned. The wars in both countries are in large part due to the fact that these vast territories are not viable nation-states. Federalism for the DRC would only serve as a phase on the road to eventual partition. Talk of federalism is itself an admission that the DRC cannot stand as one unit. In both the DRC and Sudan, partition would in fact bring peace.

The question whether the DR Congo should be split is now in public discussion among many Congolese, especially in Shaba and the Kivu or eastern Congo. Splitting the DRC is with no doubt the best option  to solve the problems that have plagued this rich nation since the 60s. Political architects should go back to the drawing board. While the size itself is one of the major factors, it is however not the only reason because there are many African countries that are smaller the DR Congo which have conflicts, but none has a similar problems of a chronic bad governance as has always been the case in the DRC.
It should also be clearly articulated that unlike some other countries the world over with people of diverse backgrounds living in harmony, the Congolese people have miserably failed to live in a multicultural society due to tribalism. The other even major reason for splitting up the DRC is the incapacity of the Congolese leaders and people to effectively govern such an immense country, the size of Western Europe. They have proven times and times again their incapacity to govern such a large and rich country, which is why the DRC has continued to be classified as a "failed state"  is the only solution. The former Soviet Union, and the Southern Sudan are a good example of this.