Thursday, April 29, 2010


Haiti Mission Report Highlights

First and formost, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all my friends who supported my mission trip to Haiti as we responded to the Jan 12 Haiti earthquake.
The following are the project achievement during our four weeks mission trip to Haiti. We:

-Established a center for Seeds of Hope

-Provided Livestock( 16 Goats to widows)

-Paid school fees for 11 orphans

-Provided sport equipments (72 sets of uniforms/mayots and 7 balls) to 6 youth groups

-Trained over 20 leaders of community organizations

-Provided seed money for income generating activities to 4 young men.

-Visited 4 orphanages and made selection for sponsors/supporters

-Organized 6 training workshops for over 70 youth

P.S: While we have many more pictures and videos, there is still a technical problem of posting them (videos) on the internet. Please bear with us.

Muhoza Akim

Forming Soccer Teams for Haitian Youth

Sport was one of the main priority item on the youth`s needs due to the fact that there is virtually nothing to do in a city completely destroyed. Most of these young men have grown up in orphanages, and have no means of furthering their education or doing any productive work.
They need as much help as they can get.

Please support these youngsters.

Their group can be contacted at :


This is was quite an exciting moment as the youth's wish for sport activities were now realized. After the earthquake, Haiti has become a desolate place. Nearly all the schools were destroyed, there was nothing to do and nowhere to go.
Having sport activities seem to be a God given opportunity despite multitudes of other needs.