Thursday, December 30, 2010


The death of Pastor Rugagaza, a great preacher of the century who practiced what he preached continues to dominate the thoughts and minds of the Banyamulenge world. The Public Arena of Banyamulenge is dominated by powerful Preachers most of whom are of international caliber. Unfortunately, although highly talented they did not have the opportunity to step into the international world of Evangelism due to living in an excluded and disconnected corner of the world.

However, suffises to say that they have transformed the landscape of Mulenge to the point that miracles, wonders and signs that have been performed in that region of the world can only be compared to what happened in the land of Israel during the time of great men of faith including Elijah, Elish, David, and Jesus just to name but the few. The tragedy is that the world will never know many of the Banyamulenge anointed preachers that would help in building world public's faith, by opening people's eyes and minds to see the things that they would not have been able to see on their own. That is what many Banyamulenge people have seen and experienced.

There have been people who did physically fly; inother words, being physically transported in air and flew from on mountainto on either in matter of seconds without being abord or on any aircraft. One of those living legends is SEBUKUBU. Bizarre as it may sound to a logical man, but it is nonetheless true! People have experienced numerous other miracles including getting water from nowhere, fire enlightening from no evident sources, not to mention countless Angelic visitations and interventions during war times.
All these and more happened and still happening because of the unwavering commitment of the great men of faith such as Rugagaza and others who have stood for what they believe in, and proclaimed the uncomprimised powerful word of God that changed and transformed people. They prayed powerful prayers in every forest, river, mountain, and village of Mulenge. Rugagaza is said tohave tested a glimpse of eternity as sat on his knees one morning planning to pray for only few minutes on his way back from leading cows to pastures, when opened his eyes, it was night time. He had lost count of time. As we mourn the geants in our midst, rest assured that Mulenge has been purefied, and made a sacred land that will never be conquered by any power of military force however mightier that would be. This is as true as the sun is to the sky!

Among the geant men of faith who changed the landscape of Mulenge each on his own right, specifically by introducing christianity, and organized churches and revival movements include but not limited to Kajabika, Matayo, Makombe, Mutanga, Nzamu, Mudagiri, and great preachers such as Rugagaza, Rujogoti, Kamburishi, Mahota, Ntagora, Sebitereko, Mugemanyi, Maman Domitila, just to name but the few, are now old, and some are passing away. But, they have sown good seeds, and have passed on their torches to a new generation of preachers and evangelists much more educated, ambitious and some still posing as sleeping lions, but will soon shake the world with the gospel as theharvest of their fathers' work.

The great men and women of Mulenge were never ashamed to stand by, in public for the sake of the Gospel, that is why God will always be committed to confirm it in their lives. For the Bible says: If you are ashamed of God, He will be ashamed of you (Matthew 10:32-33).
It is our duty as their sons and daughters, at the time such as this to spread the ministry of their testimonies, because to us and the world, their testimonies are faith boosters. The truth of the matter is that the testimonies of these great geants of faith of Mulenge illuminated and enlightened all of us to see what we would not have seen in the word of God, and in the world of religion.
The fact is, the Banyamulenge men and women of Faith have made an amazing journey of things as they faced the giant Goliaths of their time, tried, worked out their salvation, and are completing their journey one by one.

I believe that the results of their works are far from the understanding they had before they took action. They have established foundations for us the new generation, we can still witness the source that their faith was built on. Asfor Rugagaza, it’s not just the faith that he had to make him great, but the faith that coupled with his works, and his desire of rightsneous walk with God that overpowered his actions. He was known as the Enock of our time even among his collegues and neighbors! He had prepared his life resumé for all to read.
As we have seen in the life of David, he had a lifestyle that formed his character which made him the prime candidate to excersize his faith. Rugagaza have already prepared his life resume. He was marked by his order to His Godly walk and characterized by his demonstrated desire to live that out.

Rugagaza has certainly left his mark on the Banyamulenge society.
I would like to conclude by challenging you to ask yourself a few questions that you may answer yourself. Do you think that many people will recall your works, and walk with God in an impressive manner as they give your testimony atyourfuneral, and long after you are gone as is the case today for Rugagaza? Among the Banyamulenge individuals that are and will be famously known as great men whocontributed to their society, will your name bewrite in thathall of fame?If not why not? Now is your chance towrite your resumé not toget you the job, but to leave your memory on, and to help us build your monument.

I would like to conclude with the words that king David passed on to his son Solomon regarding how to lead his kingdom in 1 Chronicles 28:9-10
“As for you, my son Solomon, know the God of your father, and serve Him with a loyal heart and with a willing mind; for the LORD searches all hearts and understands all the intent of the thoughts. If you seek Him, He will be found by you; but if you forsake Him, He will cast you off forever. Consider now, for the LORD has chosen you to build a house for the sanctuary; be strong, and do it.”

Abana ba Banyamulenge, let us be reminded how great Our God has made our people and land special, and follow in the footsteps of our fathers!

Happy New Year 2011
Akim Makombe

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Dans le Katanga bambous, il y avait toujours 3 noms liés à l'évangile: David Mutanga, Jonas Rujogoti et Rugagaza. Et un quatrième profane, Kanenge, mais surtout humouriste, mieux le Coluche francais des années 80 pour ceux qui avaient l'âge de suivre la RFI ainsi que la télévision francaise. Kanenge a dit que le pasteur Mutanga conduira les autres dans le ciel mais que lui fera la marche arrière. Et lorsqu'il nous invita une fois à Bukavu à nous enseigner le livre le plus difficile de la Bible, l'Apocalypse, il nous dit que, sur l'inspiration satanique, les hommes ont peur de lire ce livre de Révélation des événements qui marqueront la fin du monde. C´était la phrase d'intoduction avant de disquer la prophétie Johannique par chapitres, chaque division avec son titre et suivie de commentaires savants, difficiles à comprendre par un débutant que j'étais et cela malgré mon amateurisme à l'art de la communication.

Mais le vieux pasteur s'attardant délibément sur les chapitres 6,9 et 11 par lesquels Jean raconte avoir vu un livre scellé de 7 sceaux, sceaux qui représentent mille ans de l'histoire temporelle de la terre. Les Mihuri saba, prêchait-il, dans un swahili hors de commun des mortels. Tout le monde fut suspendu à ses lèvres et un silence mortel mêlé d'angoisse s'invitant dans la salle au point qu'on avait horreur de tousser. J'eus devant moi un nouvel Albert Camus ou Emile Zola, un Munyamulenge qui n'a pas franchi le seuil de 6 année primaire.

Rujogoti Jonas, je le connais physiquement et l'ai entendu prêcher une fois. C'était la nuit. Il prêchait en faisant des courses entre les rangées, interpellant nommément les noms des femmes ou d'hommes, un vrai orateur. On le dit lui et le pasteur Mutanga être des neveux de Bagorora de la maison de mwa Nyamuhenda réputée célèbre dans l'art de la déclamation, chanter et danser à l'époque du paganisme. Les artistes sont donc partout les mêmes, dans le profane comme dans le sacré.

Quant à feu Rugagaza, je ne l'ai pas connu physiquement. Je l'entendais parler par les autres. On le disait beaucoup plus profond, plus intercesseur qu'orateur, calme, spirituellement autoritaire, aimé et admiré de tous. Qu'il repose en paix cette créature unique dans le sein d'Abraham et que ses oeuvres le suivent, aillent avec lui.

J. manangabure


Journal Minembwe ifatanije n'umuryango wabanyamulenge bose kwibuka iyintwari yokwizera yarizwiho kugukiranuka nokuvuga ubutumwa bwiza, Rugagaza Zakayo.

Umwe muntwari zikomeye zo kwizera zizwe iMulenge, Pasteur Rugagaza Zakayo yatashe, mugihugu cyaremwe kandi kikubakwa n'Uwiteka, yakoreraga amanwa n'ijuru. Rugagaza ari mubihangange byokwizera byomuri ikikinyejana, ndetse numwe muribamwe Biblia ivuga ko iyi isi ntibyari bikwiye ko bayibamo. Imana yariyaramudutije muri iyi generation yacyu kugira ngwatere imbutozokwizera. None yaruhutse asinziriye Dimanche le 26/12/2010 iKigali.

Reka tubagezeho ibyo umwe mubana barerewe kubirenge byanyakwigendera, avuga kubijanye nurupfu rwa Pasteur Evangeliste Rugagaza Zakayo:

Negociation y'iminsi ibiri (Isi n'ijuru) kwisinzira n'ikanguka rya Zakayo Rugagaza.
Pasteur Rugagaza Zakayo n'imbaga n'imbarutso n'umusemburo w'ububyutse buzasiga
amateka mashya buvanye amateka kwa satani uhereye muri iki Kinyejana n'ibindi bizakurikira.
Pasteur Rugagaza Zakayo namenyeko yaruhutse asinziriye Dimanche le 26/12/2010 Mw'ijoro ndi mw'isafari. Ninjiye mucyumba mbaza Imana amagambo akurikira:
RUGAGAZA Zakayo ni Lazare usinziriye kumashimwe yawe cyangwa. Nimba ari Lazare arakanguka bigenze gute ni Eliya ugiye asize Elisa nimba ari Eliya Elisa usigaranye ikoti rye ninde?

Ndaryama mbona ko umuntu ambgira ngo ngiyi telephone hamagara Rugagaza Zakayo muraya magambo aho aryamye mw'isanduka ngo: " RUGAGAZA Zakayo usinziriye yumva, nubu nzi ko wumva uranyumva? Rugagaza Zakayo numva ko ansubiza ngo Jerome wa Musa Ndatinda ndakwumva.
Wa muntu numva ko yongera kumbgira ati Jerome wibagiwe ko ariwewe wavuze ngo Zakayo n'imbarutso n'umusemburo w'ububyutse buzasiga amateka mashya atazibagirana mukinyejana cyanone nibizakurikira?

Nicuye mpamagara Jack Ntagenzwa arambgira ngo ubu mpfukamye kwisima ni saa kenda za mugitondo ko ndasenga ndi i Kabuga. Nuko ndamubgira ngo asengere Rugagaza Zakayo akiryama nawe abona wa muntu araza aramubgira ngo mwibabara Zakayo arasinziriye kandi murupfu rwe havutse intwari zizakora ibikomeye kuruta ibyo yakoze kuko bazahagurutsa ibimuga kandi ibitangaza n'ibimenyetso bizajyana nabo.
Jack ati mukangure umutugarurire tubanze dukorane nawe uzabone kumujyana.
Wa muntu ati reka nsubireyo ntange report mbibgire uwantumye ico ari bunsubize ndagaruka nkikubgire.

Jack agisinziriye ategereje igisubizo muriryo joro rya Niyinga muhamagaye kuko twe hano muri Australie bgari bgakeye mukangura atararonka igisubizo ntiyongera gusinzira.
Ndyamye mbona ko wa muntu agaruka afata Jack Ntagenzwa ukuboko aramubgira ngo databuja yemeye ngizi nifunguzo yampaye ngo muguhe nuko mbona ko bakingura urugi rwa mbere, urugi rwa kabiri n'urugi rwa gatatu. Nkiraho numva ko wa muntu ambgira ngo
bgira Jack uko warose ndamuhamagara ndabimubgira uko byagenze.
Nta kintu nabonye kigoye nko gukora imishyikirano n'ijuru no kwumva imvugo y'ijuru no kurangiza mumashorishori y'ubushake n'ubushishozi bg'Imana.
Njyewe ga uko kera nari nipanze ngo nimuhamagara kweri aritaba Jack nawe tayari ati ubgo twebge uwacu amaze iminsi 3 Lazare yarazutse amaze iminsi ine ati nugukozaho
ati ndebe autopsi spirituelle uko igenda ageze muri morgue ADEPR ntawemerewe ku crossing hano nawe ati amahoro n'ubushake bg'Imana bibane namwe no kubo yishimira.
Rugagaza Zakayo arasinzira baramushyingura i Remera ya Kigali mu Rwanda.

Rero mugusoza dore amwe mumagambo make Rugagaza Zakayo adusigiye kandi tugiye gukomerezaho kandi tuzamwibukiraho:
Kuvuga ubutumwa bg'ukuri tutabebera
Ameza azira indarasa ayo s'ameza n'icyayi n'imigati isanzwe
Yakoresheje imbara z'ihembe ry'impfizi y'Intama ubu tugiye gukoresha imbaraga zikomeye kurusha ihembe ry'imbogo yahizwe.
Impayamaguru z'imparamagara zibanguka kurusha impara n'imparage ziziye kumababa y'imiyaga ziva kumigabane y'isi zihindure ibiyaga Bigari i Girugari mumasoko y'imigisha aho kuvanga ameza namanayeze bitazongera kubaho.
Ngiyi impamvu ituma tuvuga ubutumwa mubyivugo sukuvuguruza intumwa ahubgo nukuvugurura amateka ngo tuvugute imivumo yasatani ihinduke ivu Imana ituvubire imvura y'imigisha izatuma imivure isendera imivu y'imigisha.

Hasi ijana hejuru ubugingo
Imbaraga gukiranuka n'imigisha


Reka mfate aka kanya mbifurize umwaka mushya muhira wa 2011 maze mbonereho akanya ko kuvuga kubyo natekereje ubwo nibukaga ibyo imana yankoreye kugiti cyanjye, umuryango wanye, ubwoko bwacu ndetse n’igihugu cyacu. Ibyanjye n’umuryango wanjye reka ndeke kubitindaho ariko nibyinshi byiza , Imana yatubereye imana muri byose.
Dusubije amaso inyuma tukareba mu myaka yatambutse intambara n’ibibazo twagiye duhura nabyo nibyinshi cyane muburyo no kubisubiramo ahari tutabishobora. Ariko uko biri uyu mwaka ushize nubwo bitabaye amahoro muri byose byibura induru zaragabanutse.
Ibi twabisuzumirahe ?
Ugiye gusesengura uzasanga inshuro izina “abanyamurenge” ryavugwa ga ryaragabanutse cyane mubinyamakuru, n’itangazamakuru muri rusange ibi bivugako ahari ntabishya dukora cyangwa dukorerwa. Ibi bintera kwibaza nimbi turi mu mahoro cyangwa twararambiranye.
Dore ibyo nasuzumye muri 2010 ndabigaya
1. Icyambere nuko nasanze twibagirwa vuba. Utekereje amarira twarize ubwo twari tumaze gutakaza abantu mu gatumba, wibwiragako ahari tutazigera tubyibagirwa. Ariko byarantangaje kubona nyuma y’imyaka mike cyane ishize tukaba tumaze kwibagirwa. Twebwe abasore twari twarishimiye ukuntu ababyeyi bacu na bakuru bacu bari barahagurutse bashiraho umunsi wokwibuka abacu bazize uko baremwe muri uyu munsi tukaboneraho no kumva amateka y’ubwoko bwacu ndetse no kwamagana ihohoterwa ridukorerwaho ry’uburyo butandukanye. Ikindi nuko uyu munsi wo kwibuka warusa n’uwemewe kwisi hose, ibihugu bitandukanye byari byaraduhaye uburenganzira bwo kwibuka kumugaragaro none tukaba twenyine twarabimaze agaciro. Uyu munsi tuzawifuza tutakiwubonye.
2. Uyu mwaka watangiye ndi imurenge naragiye gusura ababyeyi ariko nagezeyo agahinda karanyica ngatewe nuko twatereranye ababyeyi. Ni mutekereze igihugu kitagira amashure ntikigire ibitaro. Ikibabaje n’abana batuye hariya hantu avenir yabo igaragara ko nihatagira igihinduka itazaba nziza.
3. Icyanyuma n’uko abantu benshi baheze mumagambo , kwitana ba mwana byaragwiriye, abantu babaye banyamwigendaho. Buriwese n’atange umusanzu we twiyubake twubake n’igihugu cyacu.
Sinareka nanone kongera kubabwira ko bikwiriye gukunda ubwoko n’igihugu byaba ngobwa tukabyitangira. Ariko ikiruta byose nukubisengera igisubizo cy’ibibazo byacu kiri mubigaza by’uwiteka.
Ndangije mbifuriza umwaka mushya muhire, ibyatunaniye mugihe cyashize tubyigireho tubitunganye, tubikosore, twitange bihagije, twemere amakosa tuyasabire imbabazi, tubabarire, ubumwe n’urukundo biganze iwacu no mubacu.


Saturday, December 25, 2010


This message is intended only for Banyamulenge readers
En Francais

I just wanted to take a minute and wish you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and also share what's on my heart right now. Years have come and go, and Mulenge is still in darkness even if many of us may celebrate it in the most lightness places of the world. Some among us, are still busy dividing the community, spreading the divisive messages, breaking the bridges that connect us with our neighbors, brothers and natural allies in the name of self-promotion and ignorance. Truth be told, we have the responsibility to take our future and destiny of our land into our hands, or we risk letting others define it for us. Let us take this blessed time to reflect once again on what we want the next Christmases to be for Mulengeans!

I know personally I have had Christmases in my life that were the happiest, especially when I was still living in Mulenge. Although with over 16 years living in the West some were quite good, but none can be compared KUMUKUTANO WA NOEL, where my favorite part of the ceremony apart from ibitaramo, and choir rehearsals (za repetitions), was MASENGESHO YURUKERERA UMWANA YAVUTSE!!!!! I'm sure many of you know what I mean.
I sincerely never had a single downright awful Christmas that I can think of during my youthful life in Mulenge. Yes, I experienced many Christmases with no money and presents were not an option for us. But, the biggest present was the joy of living in a peaceful and most loving, exciting and secure Mulenge environment!!! This is not being nostalgic, it is stating the fact.

Unfortunately though, the same can not be said for hundreds of Mulenge youth, women and men today who sometimes spend their chirstmas hiding in bushes, freezing in the cold, starving in refugee camps, and living without parents! Many of our people have been having sorrowful Christmas for the last few years that is plain and simple. Many are now depressed around this time of year due to what has been happening not only in Mulenge, but also to Banyamulenge families. I know that sometimes it is tempting to think that we no longer have anything to be grateful for. Boy would we be wrong!!! There is still a better Mulenge waiting to be discovered. But, we must take your responsibility as individual and collectively! I am here to tell you that one thing that we should always have and hope for is a vision that tomorrow or someday soon it would get better in Mulenge. But, it won't come cheap or be handed down to us on a silver plate. It will not happen by being fanatic, selfish or indifferent to one another. It will take a conscious effort to change, plan, and strategize.
Furthermore, for the pessimists among us, the handful of "not so great" Christmases don't even hold a candle or compare to the exciting ones we have experienced in Mulenge. Guess what? - it really will happen again!!! But it takes work. What will be your contribution? to sit, watch, blame or district? Or to wake up, with a resolve to do something about it?

For the last few years, I've seen Mulenge and its people go through the entire spectrum of up and down moment since 1996 and here is what I know:
If in your inner hearts you know that tomorrow, next month, next year and even next Christmas can be better than today, then you are on the track for many, many future joyous and exciting memories of Mulenge. But do notjust dream, do something.

Don't ever think, no matter how hard things are or appear to be that the best is behind us. Each of YOU not only deserve a better land, but can achieve a bigger future for you and your people. And I promise to continue to do my part ( however small) in helping Banyamulenge see the path and plan that can take us there. Mulenge will be once again a peaceful, joyful and fun place, only bigger and richer! The bucks start with you. It starts by NOT taking for granted what you have and where you live and who made that possible no matter the circumstances! Remember where you came from, how you were and how it was and what you would be to day if it wasn't for those who empowered you to be who you are today. Forgeting, ignoring or taking itfor granted IS THE BIGGEST OF THE SIN, AND THEMOSTDEADLY MISTAKE YOU CAN EVER MAKEON BEHALF OF YOUR PEOPLE! So, lighten up, and get a grip!

And one thing I know I want to remind everyone is to never ever forget all the things we need to be grateful for. Even in the toughest times. Finally, we should also be reminded that it is or was our UNITY, the love for each other, honesty, integrity and self sacrifice that made us great as a people, and realize that the opposite makes us weak, desoriented, hateful, miserable and hopeless.
So to my friends, my brothers and sisters, my readers and fellow Banyamulenge, let us be resolved to promote our unity, better integration and our dream for a better Mulenge land, and together we can!!!


From my family to yours

Editor in Chief
Journal Minembwe

Friday, December 17, 2010


As was reported recently in our news, the security continues to deteriorate in the high plateaux of Bijombo, district of Uvira, where most civilians from the Banyamulenge ethnic group are still victims of the ongoing conflicts in the region. These people, mostly pastoralists, have nothing to do with politics. Those who managed to escape, however, still face the same situation where their killers followed them even across the borders in the neighbouring countries like Burundi where many hundreds have been slaughtered in a refugee camp in August 2004.

Some of those who claimed responsibility in the killings, like Mr. Agathon Rwasa, still move around freely. Instead of being arrested and judged for his acts, credible sources say that this experienced killer, Agathon Rwasa, has found refuge in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Banyamulenge community feel threatened by his presence in the region.
Last time we reported a transfer of some the FARDC army commanders in the high plateaux of Bijombo, causing increased fear in the Banyamulenge community of more insecurity and threats carried out by the government troops in their villages. This is seen by many as the continuation of some politicians’ plans, like ANZULUNI BEMBE  from 1993, to exterminate the Banyamulenge under the pretext that they are ‘foreigners’ or just for who they are, like what Agathon Rwasa has done in Gatumba (Burundi) in 2004.

According to eye witnesses, there have been fights opposing government troops to FRF since Friday 03 December 2010 which took place in many villages in the area such as Irango, Kanyaga, Mugethi. Murambya  and Kagogo where barbarian acts against civilian populations (arbitrary arrests, rape,etc.) are reported to be taking place.
Many people have also been wounded and houses have been burned down by FARDC troops. The whole area has no hospital, thus making it impossible to provide any medical help. There is also fear that HIV/AIDS may spread in the region as a consequence of the situation.

A day after 03 December 2010, that is 04 December, reports from the region say  that fights are spreading in the neighbouring villages of Bijombo, Ishenge, Rusuku, where so much damage has been done and populations have been displaced.
All those innocent continue to call on MONUC to intervene and help them return in their homes and be protected as any other Congolese citizens. The government is accused of being responsible for stimulating hatred and conflicts among ethnic groups. Human right organisations and others such Red Cross, UNHCR and religious organisations call on the head of states of the region and to  international community to help in solving this situation.

By John K.

Journal Minembwe

Friday, December 10, 2010

Le président du Rwanda Paul Kagame a reçu le prix de la paix mondiale

Ce jeudi 9 décembre, 2010 Le président du Rwanda Paul Kagame a reçu le prix de la paix mondiale qui lui a été remis par Mohamed Ali, président de la Fondation pour la paix mondiale et l’unité, à l’hôtel Serena de Kigali.

Ce prix lui avait été officiellement attribué à Londres, siège de la Fondation, le 23 octobre 2010.
Pour ceux qui peuvent avoir une certaine interpretation de ce que ce prix, il est un peu different du prix nobel de la paix, qui selon wikipedia, est donné à « la personnalité ayant le plus ou le mieux contribué au rapprochement des peuples, à la suppression ou à la réduction des armées permanentes, à la réunion et à la propagation des progrès pour la paix » selon les volontés, définies par testament, d'Alfred Nobel. Cela comprend la lutte pour la paix, les droits de l'homme, l'aide humanitaire, la liberté. Le président Paul Kagame est quand meme un des personalités qui meritece prix pour son role de retablir la paix au Rwanda, et contribuer aux demarches de la paix regionale avec son intervention au Darfur au Soudan.

Pour le prix nobel, c'est un prix de l'année qui peut être partagé entre deux, voire trois personnalités ou institutions ayant rendu de grands services à l'humanité par la voie diplomatique. C'est en 1901 qu'a pour la toute premiere fois attribué le prix noble de la paix.
Quant au prix mondiale de la paix, dite aussi international récompense les leaders du monde entier qui propose dans leurs travaux un changement considérable en faveur de la paix et de la réconciliation.
Ce prix a pour but de valoriser les réalisations exceptionnelles du leader rwandais, notamment son rôle dans la fin du génocide de 1994 contre les Tutsis et la reconstruction du pays en une nation plus harmonieuse, plus stable et plus prospère, a-t- on pu lire dans un communiqué du bureau du président à Kigali.

Journal Minembwe

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Le président de l' UDPS, Etienne Tshisekedi retourne pour sa candidature présidentiel

Le président de l’Union pour la démocratie et le progrès social(UDPS) Mr. Etienne Tshisekedi wa Mulumba agé de 77 ans et internel opposant Congolais rentre au pays pour tenter encore sa chance comme candidat présidentiel en RDC de Joseph Kabila.
Il se peut que ca fait plus de 3 ans que Mr.Tshisekedi wa Mulumba était en Europe pour des raisons de santé. Tshisekedi n'a jamais perdu son reve d'etre un jour le président de RDC, un pays qui jusqu'a présent n'a pas encore eu un président qu'il mérite.

Dans un entretien avec RFI« Je rentre avec beaucoup de plaisir et beaucoup de joie. Tchisekedi a exprimé son ambition en ces termes: « Je suis pressé de retourner dans mon pays, après trois ans. Trois ans c’est même très long. Il est temps que je rentre aussi pour m’occuper de mon parti. Je suis candidat à la prochaine élection présidentielle, l’an prochain. L’élection de 2006 a été couverte de beaucoup de tricheries. Nous n’avons pas été d’accord avec. C’est pour cela que mon parti s’est abstenu. Mais, étant donnée la manière catastrophique dans laquelle se trouve le pays maintenant, avec la gouvernance actuelle, je suis dans l’obligation de me lancer dans la politique avec les forces du changement, pour que ça change » (

Il reste à savoir si Tshisekedi aura cette fois-ci la chance d'acceder à ce poste de leadership, et s'il sera meme capable de diriger ce malheureux pays étant donné son age avancé. Mais, il reste sans doute le seul candidat qui a prouvé sa consistence politique au Congo.

Journal Minembwe


Nimwisomere iyi nkuru yigitangaza niba arukurucyagwa itarukuru byabazwa BBC. Ni mwisomere:

Burundi: umugore wapfuye mu mwaka wa 2008 yongeye kugaragara ari muzima, abonana n'umuryango we

Mu gihugu cy’u Burundi haravugwa inkuru itangaje ya Jacqueline Mukandutiye, wari umwarimu w'amashuri abanza mu ntara ya Kirundo witabye Imana mu 2008 none ngo akaba yarazutse. Iyo nkuru iremezwa n’umugabo we, nyina umubyara, abarimu bakoranaga ndetse n'abanyeshuri, abo bose bakaba bari baritabiriye imihango yo kumushyingura yabaye mu myaka 2 ishize.

Nk’uko bitangazwa na BBC, Kuwa gatanu w’icyumweru gishize, abayobozi bo muri komine Bwambarangwe mu ntara ya Kirundo babwiwe n'abaturage ko hari umuntu usa nk'ufite ibibazo byo mu mutwe wazereraga mu nzira arya ibyatsi. Bwana Jean Marie Muhirwa, uyobora (musitanteri) Bwambarangwe yatangarije BBC ko bahise bamuzana ku biro bya komine.

Ubwo umuryango we wazaga kumureba wemeje ko koko ari we, kandi nawe akibabona yabaye nk'uhindutse mu maso, maze bamweretse umwana we w’umuhungu yasize afite umwaka, aravuga ati: "Nzanira Levis wanje."

Umugabo wa Jacqueline, Oswald Karenzo, yaramwitegereje neza hose yemeza ko ari we, naho nyina w’uwo mugore nawe avuga ko adashobora kwibagira umwana yibyariye. Bose kandi ngo bemeje ko bari baramushyinguye mu 2008, bakaba batumva ukuntu yaba agarutse.

Abajijwe niba nta bibaza ko yaba ari umuzimu, musitanteri Muhirwa yavuze ko ibyo atabizi, ariko ahamagarira abasenga kuzareba icyo babafasha. kandi Jacqueline Mukandutiye yaje gusuzumwa n'abaganga babiri, bemeza ko umutima we utera bisanzwe, kandi ngo afite amaraso akwiye.

Kugeza n’ubu ariko ntibiramenyekana aho uwo mugore yari ari muri icyo gihe cyose, nyuma yo gushyingurwa mu irimbi mu myaka 2 ishize! Ubu ngo iperereza rikaba ryaratangiye.

Iyi n'Inkuru ya BBC ntabwo ari Journal Minembwe