Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Pasteur Adoni Makombe arakangurira Abanyamurenge iterambere ry'imulenge

Umwe mubantu barajwe ishinga nikibazo cy'iterambere ry'imulenge ni Pasteur Adoni Makombe, utuye muri America.

Reka twibutse abasomyi ba Journal Minembwe ko niterambere ry'imulenge rikomeje kuba kimwe mubiganiro abanyamurenge benshi bahurizaho. Ariko nkuko yabivuze neza, bwana Adoni Makombe, impuguke mubyiterambere kugira ngo iterambere nyaryo together imulenge abantu bagomba kubanza guhindura imyumvire. Muyandi magomba, intambwe yambere nukubanziriza guhindura nokuvanaho imbogamizi ziri mumitwe ndetse nomu mitima yabantu. Kuko umwanzi mukuru witerambere nubujiji.

Mubyukuri impamvu imulenge hataraba iterambere nuko abokarizanye nubujiji.

Ahantu hose kwisi abantu bakiri injiji, harangwa nuko hatari iterambere. Nkuko Shari iterambere hose byagenzweho kubera abantu bavuye mubujiji.

Isuka yambere rero irangira ikivi cy'iterambere ihingwa mubitekerezo. Iyo niyosuka Adoni yakoresheje mukiganiro yagiriye kuri

Kurikirana icyokiganiro:

Aremezako iterambere iwacu rishoboka.

Saturday, June 4, 2016


A Heroic act of a young Refugee man, Ndengeye Lumumba

Due to violence and civil war in
the Democratic Republic of Congo since 1996 when the then government of late
president Mobutu passed a decree to deported Congolese Tutsi population from
southern Kivu known as Banyamulenge, thousands of Banyamulenge had been granted
refuge in neighboring countries, and some have been killed in refugee camps,
and other suffered greatly as a result. One recent case is a young man named
Ndengeye Lumumba who was recently attacked by a group of thugs in his residence
in Nairobi Kenya where he was enjoying company with his brother in law in 2
sisters. All of the sudden, Ndengeye noticed a group of 4 men entering the house
with two guns pointed at them. Ndengeye stood the ground and fearlessly fought
against these four guys by first jumping at the guy with the gun and taking it
from him. As he was struggling to get it out of his hands the other 3 pounded
on him with whatever they had in their hands and hit him on the head ( see the
Fortunately, he was able to scare them as he held the gun and
they quickly fled and took off. By the time the police came it was too late.
However, one could wonder why the Kenyan neighbors did not
intervene? This is another indication of refugee victimization.
The Banyamulenge refugee community in Nairobi has
now became a target for the attacks by some Kenyan bandits. This
incident is just one of many in Nairobi where Banyamulenge families have been struck
by these thugs searching for money and other household stuff. 
Refugees in Kenya or elsewhere for that matter, should not have to be subjected to such kind of violence and cruelty more than they suffered in their home country.

Being a refugee is a terrible thing enough, being targeted
for violence in countries of asylum is even gloomier. One wonders what will be
the fate of the Banyamulenge people! Discriminated against in their own
country; targeted in refugee camps, and wherever they find themselves looking
for green pasture, but their only hope is in their belief in God whom they are
known to strongly have faith in.
Take courage mister Ndengeye, you have been quite a hero! Go Ndengeye go! We salute your courage and thank God for protecting you.

Mak. fils