Saturday, January 2, 2010


Happy new year to all readers.
It has been a pleasure serving you in the year 2009, and we hope to do so in this new year of 2010.
One sad but optimistic thing we can say is that 2010 is a special year ahead for Banyamulenge people, despite that the conflict in Mulenge is not yet resolved.
On Behalf of Journal Minembwe, I call on rebel forces in the troubled area of Mulenge, particularly the Generals Masunzu and Bisogo to lay down their weapons, and have respect of Banyamulenge women, children and men who continue to be victims of their nonsense wars. After couple of years since the war has officially ended in DRC, the territory of Minembwe, home to Banyamulenge continues to be victimized by wars with no goal.
While the rest of the country is starting to enjoy safety and benefit from community development project, all the region of Mulenge still has constant conflict not only hindering development in the area, but also exterminating the population slowly.
The message to all who have vested interest in this meaningless war at the new year of 2010, is: "Stop, stop, stop plunging Banyamulenge families into mourning and destroying our community, villages and territory,"
Here we must stress that in the year 2009 there have been repeated efforts to end the fighting among the soldiers of General Masunzu, in collaboration with other government supported militias fighting in the name of the DRC government, and the General Bisogo fighting for the community.
If one thing needs to be said about the current government of DRC, particularly in the Kivu region under the military leadership of Gen. Masunzu, it is the frequent problem of human rights violations that occurred throughout the year 2009 until the eve of 2010. In other words, families, women, and children have endured a year of endless abuse, rapes, looting, assassinations, and limitations of their human rights as never before.

Nonetheless, there has also been efforts of reconciliation between the tribes of Kivu headed by Mr. Sebatware who has worked hard to push forward so that the people of eastern Kivu may live in harmony with each other as neighbours. Journal Minembwe salute and welcome the leadership of Babembe community in particular who have shown interest in reconciliation and good cohabitation with the Banyamulenge community for the interest of peace.
We expect and hope that both communities (Babembe and Banyamulenge) will continue the started road for peace in a fresh bid this year 2010 to normalise relations, and bring about peace in this year.

Wishing you a Prosperous Happy New Year

Journal Minembwe