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STEVE HEGE IS A FDLR SYMPATHISER: Not an expert of any kind.

STEVE HEGE IS A FDLR SYMPATHISER: Not an expert of any kind.

By proxy, Steve HEGE, so-called U.N. expert on the DRC is an ally of the criminal FDLR composed of former soldiers of the genocidal regime, much as he wants to disguise himself as an un-biased U.N. expert on the on-going conflict in the DRC. As such then, his utterances should be viewed in this light, and dismissed outright. Honestly, a man known to be a genocide negativist should not be even allowed to be a UN consultant for African conflicts leave alone in the great lake region.
Hege makes wild and baseless accusations against the government of Rwanda without ever presenting evidence — credible or otherwise.
Most of the so called evidences including confession of the victimes he obtained them through tortured prisoners, DRC military officials and some extremist Congolese community leaders known for their hatred for Rwanda, not to mention wrongly interpreted reconciliation meetings of some Congolese peace activists with armed groups that Mr. Hege shamefully labeled as rebellious acts. Some of his informants were the well known pathological liars who use their past politicals position but known for their vendetta against the Kigali regime. How can a presumably professional individual allow his emotions manipulate him to that level? 
To say, for instance, that ALEC members' meetings with Mayi Mayi group which were initiatives for peace and reconciliation were smoking gun of evidence of war by some kinds of M23 allies defies all logic and an outright vicious lie, pure utter nonsense, and only real in Hege’s tortured mind as he seeks to curve a career path as a political scientist of sorts. ALEC was simply a forum for peace and reconciliation for the people of Kivu, which involved first bringing all the armed groups together through reconciliation efforts instead of vicious inter-ethnic conflicts, which is the forum's philosophy of liberating Eastern Congo.
For Mr. Hege to include ALEC in its so called "UN Experts Report", shows exactly how ill-informed and unprofessional his group of "experts" are.
This UN consultant should know that without reconciliation between various ethnic based armed groups the Eastern Congo will never be freed from cyclic wars_a thing that Hege and his team do not wish, for no war no job for many of such " UN experts".

Further more the man states that the FDLR has a legitimate right to exist, as a defense for the refugees in the DRC. This is the very criminal element that has been labeled a terrorist organization by the U.S. State department. Not good enough for Hege.
The FDLR could not, hard as they try, find a better spokesman than Hege.
Hege also takes issue with the Gacaca conviction(s) of former FDLR combatants, arguing that this will deter many others giving up arms and returning to Rwanda. Well, I suppose in Hege’s “expert” mind the guilty should be freed for the sake of …I dont know what.
The FDLR poses no threat to Rwanda, Hege contends. This is partially true, because the FDLR is a rag tag bunch of criminal misfits whose periodic incursions into Rwanda is not a real security threat, but nor should it be easily dismissed. One death of an innocent Rwandan at the hands of the FDLR is one too many.
Clearly, Hege is among many pursuing a vendetta against Rwanda. Their conspiracy to derail Rwanda’s journey to recovery by accusing her of destabilizing the DRC is a sinister plan to keep a tight grip on this poorly governed but mineral-rich country. A policy as old as time.




Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Jendayi Frazer, has voiceforously trashed the recent so-called U.N. experts’ report on the alleged Rwandan involvement in the DRC.

Appearing on AL JAZEERA’s English broadcast, Frazer pointed out how flawed the report is due to its bias towards Rwanda. Saying that she had read the report unlike many critics, she was left wanting due to lack of evidence.

Al Jazeera’s Teymoor Nabili who interviewed Frazer was left speechless and caught off guard as Frazer listed a litany of the UN report’s shortcomings. As has become the custom with Rwanda’s accusers, Nabili did not have any concrete evidence to back up his accusatory questions but simply regagitated information previously circulated in main stream media.

Frazer eloquently pointed out that accusing Rwanda or withholding aid will not solve the human suffering going on in the DRC. She instead called on the international community to work with regional leaders to find a lasting solution to the crisis in the DRC.

Rwanda’s continuing contribution of peace keeping troops in Darfur and Haiti was duly noted.


Former United States Under-Secretary for African Affairs, Jendayi Frazer, has questioned the credibility of a report by a group of UN experts accusing Rwanda and Uganda of backing a rebellion in DRC.

Appearing on Al Jazeera Television on Sunday, Frazer said that the report lacked substantial evidence and pointed at what she called "a cloud of anonymity about the experts on the panel."

"I don't even know who these experts are...there is this cloud of anonymity about who these experts are and what agenda they are pushing," said Frazer, who was the US top diplomat on Africa under former President George W. Bush.

The report, which was repeatedly leaked to the western media before the official publication of its final version, late last month, formed the basis for the British government's decision to freeze 21 million pounds (about Rwf21 billion) in aid to Rwanda, last week.

Frazer, now a distinguished service professor at Carnegie Mellon University, advised the donor community against withholding financial support to Rwanda based on the report, instead urging them to support the efforts by the 12-nation member International Conference for the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR), to help end endemic conflicts that have dogged DRC for decades.

"Instead of focusing on what the solution is and backing regional initiatives, we spend time accusing one country, one government or one person and this doesn't help," she said.

She added, "The US State Department needs to spend its time supporting the initiative by the regional leaders under the ICGLR."

"We (the United States) have done very little for most people in that region and the majority of it is unhealthy. You want us to stop providing (even the little) assistance to the population of Rwanda addressing AIDS, women mortality from childbirth; is that the prescription for solving the crisis in Congo?" she questioned the journalist.

Rwanda has denied it provides any help to the M23 rebels who, a week ago, overran the strategic eastern towns of Sake and Goma before pulling out of both on Saturday under the ICGLR peace process.

The rebel withdrawal was part of a compromise deal which also requires President Joseph Kabila's government to "listen, evaluate and resolve" the M23 grievances.








Susan Rice a adressé une correspondance au président américain Barack Obama et dans laquelle elle lui a demandé de ne plus considérer sa candidature pour une nomination au poste de secrétaire d'état.

Depuis plusieurs semaines, Susan Rice faisait l’objet de vives polémiques.

Elle a été accusée par la gauche américaine d'avoir soutenu des despotes africains et de protéger le Rwanda de Paul Kagamé dans ses incursions en RDC en bloquant les sanctions internationales à l’Onu.

Susan Rice était déjà sur la sellette depuis l'affaire de l'attaque contre le consulat des Etats-Unis à Benghazi. Les républicains l’accusaient d’avoir trompé le public américain sur la nature de l’attaque.

C'est désormais le sénateur démocrate John kerry qui est pressenti pour remplacer Hilary Clinton au secrétariat d’état.

Le président Barack Obama, proche de Mme Rice, a dit avoir pris acte de cette décision mais il dénoncé les attaques "injustes" contre celle qui restera,a-t-il précisé, à la tête de la représentation américaine aux Nations unies, un poste qu'elle occupe depuis 2009.

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