Thursday, September 16, 2010


Militia attacks including Mayi Mayi and Interahamwe have resumed and the insecurity situation continues to worsen in Minembwe.
In the first week of September, a suspected armed man who could have been either a militia or a government soldier broke into an office of a local NGO, ( UGEAF ) and lotted but thankfully no one was killed during what appeared like the armed robbery.
In addition, in another area of Mulenge, more than 200 hundred cows were forcefully taken away from their owners by Interahamwe militias after killing one person and gravely wouding others including Mr. Musoni, the father of Pastor Camarade who was taking care of cows in Mibunda.

In the meantime, another 28 years old young man,Mr. Mukiza Bidogo, the son of Mr. Elias Ndacyahwa was assassinated by a government soldier who was stealing sheep in Kahololo village.
Furthere more, in recent weeks, a group of armed forces of Burundian hutu group was reported to have arrived in Malungu (Mulenge), claiming to be looking for a base so that they might attack Burundi. The arrival of these armed militias has once again made the Banyamulenge worried about their safety as their territory is becoming once again a combat field.

The local population is calling the Congolese government to take action as swiftly as possibly or make it clear whose side are they on.


Editor in Chief
Journal Minembwe

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