Tuesday, September 28, 2010


By Emmanuel T. ZAGBLA Ph.D,

We all think about the multiple challenges of the African continent. The pessimism is everywhere on the continent when regarding the future. Nevertheless, we firmly believe that with determination and courage, Africa will come out of its misery.
We wanted to give a strong signal through the following letter that we send to all Africans.
Please enjoy reading its content but we particularly hope you an excellent awareness about our destiny.


The catastrophic earthquake that rocked hard our brothers and sisters in Haiti, visibly saddened by this situation, takes us to the question as once expressed by the eminent professor, the late Joseph Ki-Zerbo. " WHEN WILL IT BE FOR AFRICA?’’ .
Some may wonder the reason for such a combination. Africa and the situation of Haiti have a common bond. Thus, we will finally try, to give an answer to this question that openly affects the moral and intellectual state of mind of all Africans and African descendants worldwide.
The evocation of the situation in Haiti refers to our new vision for Africa in its widest proportion. The approximation of the links between the mainland and all its sons in the Diaspora is the sine qua non condition to reconsider Africa in the international arena. The continent now has its own responsibilities in relation to its descendants worldwide. It is within this context that we see the Haitian drama. Indeed, Africa should assume the coordination of international assistance to the aid of this sister country, shaken by the severe earthquake. Just as the human rights of all Africans in the world would be the responsibility of the black continent. So, when will it to be for Africa? In his memorable speech in Accra, the first Black President of the United States of America did highlight, in general, the problem of institutional weakness. Several African countries this year celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of their independence in a continent still divided by armed conflicts, territorial disputes. A continent that shows its insensitivity related to a common policy, able to radically and positively change their lives. A continent whose youth is investing its future only in mass migration, wiping back the most incredible human humiliation in some host countries. The inaction has already lasted too long. So when will it to be for Africa?
Several African countries are literally sitting on the fire: Somalia, Sudan, Côte d'Ivoire, Guinea, Democratic Republic of the Congo, etc.. In Niger, we have just witnessed the eternal military coup that brings shame on our continent. In Côte d'Ivoire, while the elections of 31 October 2010 are pending, political intolerance reigns as a continuation of the attempt by the failed coup of September 19, 2002. Following the catastrophic failure of the "Machiavellian Linas-Marcoussis agreements," the OPA (the Ouagadougou Peace Agreement) also seems to obviously delay! Again, this country is pushed into the ashes of political uncertainty. Somalia disintegrated and forgotten by his own sons, is heading into an unknown goal. Sudan and Darfur will not make noise any longer since there is nothing new in there.... Democratic Republic of the Congo became the land of greedy predators, remains powerless because of his thousand troublemakers. Should we continue the list? When will it be for Africa? Our land, although blessed by the Nature, let her own offspring suffers of International begging, a social and economic misery that the continent should not have to experience ... Africa is driven into intellectual and moral poverty by his own sons, those then totally lacking of dignity. Some of them cling to power not only to help themselves, but worse, to serve their "bosses" who have already so much! Leaders, opponents, rebels are all guilty of the thousand problems experienced by the continent. And the African people are starving and come to die of most mundane diseases on this earth. No, we cannot accept the indifference, the slow extinction of the continent. We're not all subscribers to the deathly silence that kills our future and that of our children. So, when will it be for Africa? Are we perhaps expecting the savior of our land? A land which is at the same time, the global supply of cheaply raw materials, and where the abundance of trash is dumped in the greater immorality, waste of all kinds and from all sources ... And we continue to kill ourselves as if our world is a circus that only cares and serves for other people’s need of morbid spectacles. Why do we do that?
We have so many potential economic and human resources; from Egypt to South Africa, from Senegal to Ethiopia, Libya to Côte d'Ivoire, via Morocco, Congo, Nigeria, Tunisia, Cameroon, Gabon, Rwanda, etc.. Which African country would be there in normal times, totally dispossessed? No! So why such an incredible and awful situation in the continent? Why are we willing to play this scene which is so outrageous while we do deserve the first place on this earth? All around the world, Africans are used to "keep on begging", while bilateral and multilateral development assistance are increasing on the continent over new mining and petroleum sites. So they ask us, when will then come your development?
The first remedy is the mentality. Our schools should teach about Africa. In Europe they are still studying fascism and Nazism, it helps to understand the evils of the past and build the future in an atmosphere of tolerance and peace. In Africa, the themes based on the characters such as Kwame Nkrumah, Patrice Lumumba and Thomas Sankara are hardly taken into account in schools. And why such a denial of our history? Are they revolutionary? Therefore we must explain to our students what all these personalities were and what they meant! In the political area, all recent democracies based on the West style are almost in trouble. If we believe that Western democracy is a hindrance to our growth, then let us take a step back, and return to the past way, opting for democracy under the Baobab. This represents a guarantee of respect for hierarchies at all levels, be it political and social. Otherwise, why do we always copy from some social models? When we speak of mentality, we do well allude to the anarchy created by some political systems in our countries. Democracy as we see in Africa is a great danger against our existence: small countries with over one hundred political parties, not to say a hundred tribal or religious parties! Where are we going to with all this? We are continually struggling in economic areas while our governments’ members are increasing: 20, 30, even 40 ministers, what purpose? Donors and lenders do stimulate us in the process of borrowing more and more: the vicious circle of debt of Africa does not even mention about good governance ... but applauded for this stupid democracy "divide et impera.’’ (Divide and rule).

Well, we're not going to be only criticizing what is wrong. Aware of our deep feelings, we just humbly tell you, with utmost sincerity and greatest intellectual pride that Africa has arrived! Yes, dear brothers and sisters, our continent has arrived with the speech of his first black son, who became President of the greatest world power.
Some have misinterpreted the choice of President Barack Obama on his first visit to black Africa. In his speech, USA president stressed the need to form strong democratic institutions in the continent. By choosing to travel to Ghana, Mr Obama has indirectly asked Africans to follow the unification of Africa advocated by Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana at the time of independence. There is no solution to underdevelopment without political unification of Africa. Hence, the need to form strong institutions, capable of defeating all attempts at destabilization future. Speaking freely to Africans, the American president could not find a better forum that Ghana's inspiration for African Unity.


The great African solidarity in view of the Haitian situation demonstrates that we have the capacity to solve our problems without always waiting for external assistance. However, we have seen yet, the dispersion of our forces and energies. Aid to Haiti has not taken any policy coordination. Given this fact, we will take action on the immediate establishment of an independent institution managed by Africans of all political leanings, social and religious. Africa needs all his son to overcome countless challenge. Thus, the first institution that will emerge for the new Africa will be the AFRICAN EMERGENCY AND CO-OPERATION FUND ( AECF) the AFRICAN FUND for simplicity. We do not want to create acronyms, but dynamic and functional services institutions in the image and needs of our people. This fund will eventually be the only institution that takes care of everything, in parallel and independently to all other institutions that operate on the continent. All Africans, all sensitivities are invited to invest in the new vision we intend to make to change the image of the continent. We will not be available to useless talk, or to the attention of everyone, aware of our intentions, look for harmful ways to extinguish the torch of Africa, gathered as one. We want active men and women and people who are keen in helping the continent through their ideals of a respected and united Africa, aware of its strengths.
The first action will be the fight against corruption and the strengthening of justice in every country in Africa. The African Emergency and Cooperation Fund is the case of African Peoples, of all those who suffer in silence between the two faces of a rich continent, but poor at the same time, united but still at war. We will hold governments and state institutions to follow us. Government does work for the people, not against the people. There is no opponent for personal ideas, but to defend the interests of the community. The African Fund will be the wave of the People and the African Diaspora. Yes, Africa has arrived! We intend to conduct an effective war against our poverty, our misery and our divisions.


Our action will be awareness to all Africans against endemic corruption that is killing our countries. We will establish in all African countries observatories against all forms of corruption. Our actions will be unlimited, and in all areas:
Corruption, Justice, Education, Health, Foreign Affairs, environment, etc.. Every African individual, from wherever he or she is, must contribute.

So, dear brothers and sisters, we invite you to already take in account the new African reality. Nobody will work for free for the happiness of Africans. We tend to talk about technology transfer. You should know what to do with technology. What could we do with the technology of a highly industrialized country? We cannot transfer nuclear technology to use to harvest our cocoa or our coffee! The technology adapts to an appropriate situation. It is up to Africans to produce the technology necessary to work on coffee and cocoa crops, as well as the conservation of plantain or yam. We have the raw materials, the products of the basement and then let us train our researchers so they can find the right tool for the processing of these products. That is what the new Africa intends to do. Our pride in being African passes through the adoption of new attitudes of cooperation. We would be even prouder when we see Algerians and Egyptians all united, Ethiopians and Eritreans, Rwandans and Burundians, Libyans and Chadians, Muslims and Christians in Nigeria, all united around a common development project for Africa. That is our mission, that of cooperation in peace for the respect of Africa and Africans worldwide.

By Emmanuel T. ZAGBLA
Ph.D, International Relations
University of Padua, Italy

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