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Recently, the UN has been threatening to publish a Report accusing Rwandan army of killing hutus refugees in DRC. Instead of ensuring the security of people in Eastern Congo as promised, they are once again shifting the attention of the media and turning back on people, this time publishing what is well known to be a false Report about Rwandan soldiers' involvement in the so called genocide of Hutus in Congo.
The Congolese army, the Mayi Mayi militia, and FDLR genociders continue to do what they have been doing for years_killing,raping and looting in DRC. However, none of this seem to matter for UN. There has not been any report of UN of such atrocities by the above mentions elements, even in a time where they work closely with them under MONUC.

It is upseting but not surprisingly so, to notice how the UN would give any credibility to a report by a biaised, so called human right organization that falsely accuse a well known disciplined armed Rwandan forces to involve themselves in gross human right violation in Congo during their mission to overthrow the notorious dictator in DRC. Mobutu who was a channel of Congolese wealth to Western power was pretty much a good asset for the world's sherrif. Overthrowing him was indeed the most unforgiveable act that one can do. Guess who did it again? the same force that stopped another shameful act that seemed to catch no interest for the UN and the world's powers.

Only a blind, deaf and ignorant person with little or no knowledge of Congolese army, and militias such as Mayi Mayi would clear them from massive violation that they are known for. That too,is what the so called UN report is attempting to do.
To remove the responsibility of Congolese and militia forces, and blame the victim. One has to wonder to whom the so called UN report will be reported and for what purpose?
Everyone knows the immorality and corruption of Congolese military whose regular activities involve looting, and raping even as the report was being written. It is commonly acceptable behaviour for Congolese soldiers to rape women and kill innocent civilians not to mention corruption causing even more hunger and poverty related deaths. These shameful acts, have been a part of their culture and identity. Those who are looking for those responsible for the killing of hutu refugies victims of cholera, and other related diseases should start by investigating who were the refugees, why were they and who was responsible to take care of them. It does not seem to bother UN that the majority of the so called hutu refugees were mass murderers with blood all over their hands, and guns on their backs, who were fighting for the Mobutu government while benefiting the UNHCR protection as «refugees».

Should we assume that the UN had no knowledge of these fighting soldiers who were on their payrol? Or,it would rather pre-emptively strike before someone asked why would the UN feed and host a group of rebel/militia accused of genocide under the umbrella of «refugees». In fact,if there is any critic to the Rwandan government in this matter, mine would be why did they shy away from accusing the UN for promoting and supporting militias such as interahamwe by calling them refugees while they were openly fighting against them supporting Mobutu regime? But there again, knowing that the accused is at the same time the juge, my critic would be quickly withdrawn.

Moreover, it does not take a genius to know that hundreds of thousands of Congolese and refugees died as a direct result of war related death such as malnutrion, untreated diseases, cholera, rapes and violence mostly done by Congolese army and rebels such as Mayi Mayi, and interahamwe. Rwandan soldiers are known to have stopped genocide in Rwanda, and overthrawn the dictator Mobutu in a very short period of time. That is why they were in DRC. All those who know them very well including the UN, they know how disciplined, and professional they are beside being brave. It is by the way the same reason why the UN has ccontracted them in some of the most important UN missions of to day.
It is also important to underline a question of motive and intent, that disqualify and questions the credibility of the so called UN Report. The Rwandan army had no intention nor motive to kill refugees in Congo or civilian refugees. It is well known that they did not even venge themselves against the Hutus who clearly and publicly massacred their brothers and sisters, when they had the power and reason to do so. Why would they kill Hutu refugee civilians while they were protecting a good part of them in Rwanda?

In fact, it is well known that the Congolese soldiers who were under the leadership of Rwandan soldiers were always punished and reprimanded for violating the rights of civilians. Despite a well guided and endoctrined hatred against Rwandans and Tutsis in particular among Congolese, every honest congolese admit that only Rwandan soldiers would not hurt or harm civilian population on their way to battle, contrary to their Congolese counterparts. The UN recruitment of Rwandan soldiers serves a good example of this truth.

The same misguided sources of UN report had always shouted loud lies to whoever wanted to listen to their lies how the Rwandan army raped Congolese women,even though the facts and undeniable evidences clearly testified that it was the Congolese army and militias. Furthermore, even from cultural perspective, it is a fact that Rwandans rarely marry Congolese women, while the Congolese dream of marrying Rwandan women. Not only that Rwandan soldiers are deeply disciplined, but, there is also social and cultural evidence that suggest that there is even less interest in Congolese women in the first place leave alone rape them. The Rwandan soldiers were accustomed to a policy of Zero tolerance to not only rape which guaranteed a death penalty, but even adultery during the period of war was harshly punished. The same cannot be said about Congolese soldiers and hutu rebels whose daily routine is raping Congolese women even today.

In light of these facts, it is desappointing that the UN, and some human right organizations have allowed themselves to be manipulated by their extremist workers or anti-semitist who lack professional objectivity in their misguided and politically motivated reporting. These organizations while claiming to be human right oriented, they have been deceived over and over by extremist Congolese and Hutus who either work for them or lobby them. Not to mention that they really got what they were craving for, namely, reasons to peinte Rwanda with a tarnishing image.
It is also sad that they have taken adventage of the naivity of Rwandan government and Rwandan Civil society who ignored multiple false reports by these misguided hardcore haters of Rwanda and Tutsis both regionally and internationally. They decided to be silent to the propaganda of extremist media, as though everyone in the world would also pay no attention. In Rwanda, people seem to not pay a close attention to what the extremist have been doing using the media as their weapon.

In fact Rwanda should have seen this coming when they neglect to quickly react to false reports from extremist media, to the point of getting UN stamp as credible sources. Knowing the facts is not enough, the burden to clear one's name against false accusation showing the facts is on the shoulder of the accused not the accuser.
It should also be mentioned that this UN Report is another way for the western powers to fight against the current Rwandan government that they very much would rather see collapsing or ineffective like many other African governments. Rwanda is now a success story in the world for its development, growth, and leadership that has been focused on the well being of its people contrary to many countries in Africa. The western powers that have enjoyed the corruption and incompency of much of African leaders, cannot stand to see an African nation proving them wrong. Only a naive person would believe that the western powers including the UN wish to see a responsible government in Africa.

When it became evident that Rwanda was in its way to development, western nations started by withdrawing their so called Aids in order to make it harder for the Rwandan government to prosper, and to sabbotage Kagame's Regime. They cannot also tolerate an African president who does not adore or worship them as they are always used to elsewhere in Africa. This is a whiteman's complex, to be revered as the best despite their hypocrical and selfish policies contradicting their publicity of saving angels. President Kagame is known for his stand on complaisancy. He does not hide under the rug, and suck up the hypocritical treatement of the Westerners. That too seems to be another reason not to tolerate his regime. He puts the westerners in their right place, which is why they always look for reasons to cut the Aid assistance to Rwanda, despite Rwanda being a good example that should be rewarded if it wasn't for the Western hypocrisy.

Unfortunately for them, that too failed. Rwanda proved them wrong once again with their resiliency and their sens of leadership, despite million of challenges. They manage to do more with less. No wonder this report is given an undeserving attention. It is desappointing that U N gives less attention to alarming and warning reports of human rights violence such as potential massacres, or genocide before they happen, and enjoys watching them unfolding, and shamefully blaming the victims afterwards.

This organization needs to review its moral mandate and its damaged credibility due to such kinds of politically motivated reports.
One can only finish by telling Rwandans that this too will pass; because it is not surprising that an organization that ignored, encouraged, and facilitated the implementation of genocide for 100 days would conspire to defeat those who bravely did what they failed to do. Rwandan forces saved lives of million lives who would also have perished had it been left to UN's wish and willingness. That is a fact. To UN, one can only say shame on you for your persisting immoral actions and cowardness. This report will only emplify your immorality and prove your insensitivity and cruelt to Rwandan survivors of a UN supported genocided.
UN ignored its reports warning for a potential genocide, and let the genocide happen on its watch, until RPF stoped it, that too, is a fact. But, this shameful report shall pass too!!! The UN might be strong, but the truth and integrity is much stronger.

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