Monday, May 4, 2009


We have the obligation to continuously ask for justice in the name of our people, Banyamulenge and other Congolese Tutsis who have been massacred, slaughtered and painfully and selectively killed in different places, at different time in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in Burundi. There are key prominent congolese figures such as Abdulayi Herodia former vice president of DRC, and Agatha Rwasa president of FLN in Burundi who prided themselves for killing and inciting the massacre of Congolese Tutsis.
We hope that the International Community will wake up and pay attention to this injustice done to Congolese Tutsis. The named political leaders responsible for inciting the massacre of thousands of people are enjoying their freedom as if it is acceptable to kill whenever and whoever they want with no consequences.
We have posted the above video as one of the key documentation evidences of this unspeakable gruesome crimes. We owe it to the victims to ask for justice, not revenge but justice.
The International Criminal Justice should consider ending its indifference to world's poorest and live up to its mandate to prosecute all those who have committed crimes against Humanity. Yerodia Abdulay and Rwasa must be prosecuted for their crime against humanity.

Journal Minembwe

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