Wednesday, April 1, 2009

USA President Barack Obama VISITING RWANDA

According to information in our disposal, His Excellence President Barack Obama, the 44th American President and the first African-American president in USA, will be visiting Africa from April 21 this year.
Rwanda is among the first African countries that Barack Obama will visit this month when he starts his first tour of Africa as US president. There is no doubt that President Obama will first visit Kenya before visiting any other African country to show his homage of his motherland country.
Although an American,Barack Obama is also an African by heritage. His father was a Kenyan who maried an american woman and begot Obama during his stay in USA as an international student. Obama has never lost touch with his African heritage. He had been visiting his grand parents in Kenya before he became the strongest man on the planet.
The African countries expected to be visited by Obama are Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Swaziland, and South Africa.

During his short visit in Rwanda, Obama will no doubt condamn the perpetrators of genocide against Tutsis and the western complicity and their indifference as they watched for 100 days while Tutsis were being slaughtered day by day. The month of April is a crucial and very sensitive period in Rwanda, and Obama will undoubtedly make notice of that tragedy.
However, genocide will not be the only item on discussion table with the Rwandan president Paul Kagame, investment and Rwanda's development are also expected to be on Paul Kagame's agenda.
President Obama knows that Rwanda has proven to be one of the best African countries for not only good governance but also for security, business and good investment climat.

America is well known for its support for Rwanda. However, one might bet that Obama will most probably bring up the question of DRC and Rwanda's role in the ongoing conflict in DRCongo, particularly the issue of general Nkunda. It should not surprise anyone though if Obama commended Rwanda for helping Kabila to dismantle the FDLR Hutus genocidaire forces in Congo.

It remains to be seen if Obama administration will continue supporting Rwanda as did his predecessors. But, all indications seem to confirm that the relationship between those two countries will most probably continue, because under the current Rwandan regime, Rwanda has continued to earn respect of the International community, why not of the United States of America. After all, Obama is an African, why would he not support one of the African countries that has badly and injustly suffered western indifference?

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