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April 7th, is a day of remembering about 1,000.000 Tutsis and some moderate Hutus who were slaughtered by Hutus heartless extremists in 1994. To honor the victims of genocide, this year Rwanda has chosen a symbolic location to commemorate the 15th commemoration of the genocide against the Tutsi, it is Nyanza; and the theme was "the bankruptcy of humanity" during the 1994 massacres.
Nyanza in Kigali was chosen as a place where the country will hold the ceremony for the year 2009. This place is a hill where thousands of people were slaughtered on April 11 after the UN forces, mainly Belgian contingent had just left them to be slaughtered by the interahamwe militia. The UN soldiers simply decided to pulled out even if it was so obvious that the killers will immediately enter the compound and savagely exterminate all the Tutsis including children, women and elderly people.

This act of indifference towards Tutsis by the Belgiums, French and the UN forces is a clear complicity in the genocide by those who let it happen before their eyes. As though the rest of the world enjoyed seeing the killings of defenceless Rwandans day in, and day out on their TV screens for 100 days, the world community found it convenient to let thousands upon thousands of Tutsi children, women, and men killed. This is unbelievable, but it truely happened! The 100 days of slaughtering Tutsis certainly marked the "Bankrupcy of humanity" as was well said Mr. Benoit Kaboyi, executive secretary of Ibuka, the country's main genocide survivors' organisation.
No more can any world figure dare to tell us that we are all equal or that there is such thing as universal human rights that the privileged few so proudly chant to protect. The reality is this world is black and white.

One day, nature will revenge for the innocent victims, and every one and every country that watched the killings of Tutsis for 100 days on their TV screen with an eye of indifference, and much so, to every individual who actively campaigned to stop the attempt of saving those who could have survived. Nature does always repay one way or the other.
In his address to the nation, Rwandan President Paul Kagame, criticized the international community as usual for not doing more to prevent the bloody wave of violence. "I remind those experts that they need to go back to school," Kagame told reporters. "These children you saw here -- you think they are standing there because they are exploiting everybody's guilt? he added.

The world's hypocritical organization, the so called "United Nations" did not miss the opportunity to talk, since talk is cheap of course. In his address, the U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon described the genocide as a "horrifying scene and experience." No wonder they refused to intervene, it was simply a "scene and experience" in the eyes of U.N

The United States government had also something to say on this day. Starting with a call for a period of silence and reflection, the USA President eloquently said: "Today is a day to open our eyes to this suffering and honor the memory of those killed in Rwanda 15 years ago," he said. "But beyond reminding us of the horror, that silence should spur us to action." Obama continued in these words: "As we mourn their senseless passing, we must also acknowledge the courageous men and women who survived the genocide and have since demonstrated remarkable strength and generosity in forgiving those who committed these heinous acts," Obama said. One can only wonder if what would have happened had Obama been the president of the United States then. Would he had intervened and saved hundred of thousands of people, most probably. However, we already know that George Bush had clearly stated that he would not intervene God forbid should another Rwanda genocide happen! The sad reality is that he was cowardly brave to admit what most of them would not dare say in public, but definately mean at heart, for the simple reason that "Rwanda has only people" no oil, as one of the highly USA authority said during the 100 days of genocide.

It is important to mention that nothing can be said about the senseless, mindless, heartless bloody Hutus who did the unspeakable and most of whom enjoy safe heavens in the Western countries where they are so happly protected by their masters. There is nothing to be said about them, because they are not humans although they walk among us. How can a human being do what they did? That is why it is not surprising that they do not have a sens of guilt. In fact, for most of them, the genocide has not yet finished. They are still thirsty for more blood of innocent people. The only thing that can be said about them is that their fate is well sealed and their place is well reserved in HELL where they will burn day in day out forever and ever, unless they repent which they obviously won't.

We will always remember our people and we have them in our hearts.

Long live Tutsi resiliency


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