Monday, July 2, 2007

Warning: A potential Genocide Against Banyamulenge

Another Potential Genocide crisis in Minembwe by Kabila, the World is warned.

Uvira 2007-02-07

In the south Kivu Province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, particularly in the territory of Minembwe a worsening potential genocide crisis is unfolding as the Congolese president Mr. Kabila Kabange has once again deployed vicious massive military troops including those known for cannibalism to loot, rape and harass Banyamulenge people in their villages in order to provoque another war. As though the previous wars and conflicts were not enough, the Congolese government has again failed miserably to learn a lesson from its past mistakes. One would wonder what possible interest does Kabila has to start another war in Congo after only less than a year of his elected regime. However, a careful analysis on Kabila's political agenda, especially his Kivu allies who undebtedly brought him on power is based on wiping out the Banyamulenge people on the map of Kivu. They have tried many times and failed to exterminate Banyamulenge people, but they are not near to abandon their genocidal idelogy against the Congolese Tutsis. Being hugely influenced by the Kivu civil society driven by the extremists and anti-Tutsis, Kabila has finally given in, and accepted to commit the unforgiveable sin of pursuing the genocide agenda against Banyamulenge. According to credible information, more government troops are being constantly deployed in the villages of Banyamulenge where there had been many more stationed for the sole purpose of provoquing the local population to the point of threatening their entire livelihood and eventually bring about a war situation. There are enough signals and evidences suggesting that the goal and objective of these troops are uniquely to precipitate the genocide agenda against Banyamulenge in their villages. In the eastern town of Uvira, the Banyamulenge are also being harassed and having their movements restricted just as it was once again at the verge of the previous wars. It is therefore important to mention that the threat to security of Banyamulenge in Uvira is becoming alarming once again and may soon be out of control. Credible sources suggest that the Bafulero and the local army in Uvira have complicitely comploted to close the border with Burundi in July for Banyamulenge in order to prevent them from fleeing so that they can easily be encircled and killed without any chance of escape. In light to this information, it is therefore safe to give this warning of a worsening humanitarian crisis that is unfolding in the Minembwe should this horindous plan of the Congolese government be carried out. This is an addition to an existing fear of becoming targets for hostile Interahamwe forces waiting to exterminate them with the full support of the Congolese government. The MONUC forces, UN agencies, and the regional and international community are made aware of this situation and should do their best to prevent this human catastrophy from happening again. Banyamulenge soldiers that are known for being instrumentalized by the Kabila government must be aware of this, and guard themselves from falling once again in this trap that is aimed at destroying their own people.
In God We Trust and we Will survive!

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