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Rotating savings and credit association. 

Mpower of Five. 


Welcome to Seeds of Hope's Community Wealth Building Program. 

This program is a community based financial plan for poverty alleviation spearheaded by Seeds of Hope Ministries, modelled on Community Wealth Building Organization from the United States of America. 

The concept of this scheme dates back to the Second World War due to a devastating world economy as a result of war and poverty. However the concept has been adapted by various social groups for different purposes. 

The primary goals of CWBP are to:

  • facilitate wealth building conversation, connection, and implementation among those interested individuals within communities or non profit organizations, and 
  • to encourage the support and participation of those vulnerable low income individuals or families who are not financial able to participate so that they can also be formally involved in common asset, wealth-building programs. 

As   C-WB.Org, we believe that: 

When individuals or families possess assets — valuable social skills, social networks such as clans, extended family ties some savings, a s'en of belonging to a larger social group, they enjoy greater resilience, and are better able to use our program to build wealth and withstand occasional shocks like unemployment or illness. Consequently, they can plan for their future, send a child to college, feel secure in retirement. Whether a job may start or stop. This program will provide its participants with an opportunity to acquire assets, of various kinds, that yield greater stability and security. As this is true of individuals or families, it is also true of communities. Jobs may be drawn into a community, but then leave without warning. This is cycling program with opportunities for rotational placing one's investments at various stages of the game. 

  1. Creating a truly honest and straightforward prosperous Community Based mutually Funding opportunity.   What is it all about? It is:
  • An inclusive economic plan where everyone can thrive;
  • An financial strategy that is human-relation centered and fair;
  • A democratic financial plan adapted to the local economic power of community members. 

Why is it important? 

  • It revitalizes community members' dream for a better future;
  • Builds participating community members' economy without such drastic wealth inequality conditions for membership; 
  • It is a financial plan built on broader societal values, integrity and social responsibility by drawing from collective wisdom;
  • It alleviates poverty among all participating community members;                                        Who is allowed to participate?
  • It is open to all targeted community members and no one experiences discrimination and the indignity of being poor; 
  • Social and economic justice for underserved communities

What are the advantages ? 

  • Transforming the lives and increasing wealth among of low-income communities;
  • Focusing and targeting many children and families living in poverty;
  • Creating economic power and wealth among communities through Fund-Pooling Programs;
  • Prevent another loss of wealth opportunity in communities through social networking and social media. 

  1. Programs

A. Individual Wealth Building

Individual wealth building is a community wealth building approach that aims to increase the savings of low-income individuals through Fund pooling program. One of the pioneering initiatives in this field is the Individual Development Account (IDA). IDAs are Seed money sawn as investment in the savings accounts that match the deposits of three more sowers who united their combined seeds with three participants, and hence, and help low-income people secure their spot in the rotative investment plan and eventually gain important assets. 

First and foremost, Sowers agree to complete financial information awareness classes and use their savings for an asset-building purpose, which typically includes education, or small business. 

B. Fund-Pooling Programs

This is a steady and continuing build-up of new and alternative forms of fundraising activity for NGO and community based organizations over the past several decades. As the funding of non profit organizations is shrinking due to the global financial crisis due to COVID 19; FPP are being adopted by many NGOs as one of the most effective range of practical fundraising activity, and its implications for the future has been appreciated by practitioners and experts working on such matters, especially Specialists in community development corporations sector. 

Seeds of Hope Ministries has benefited from Community Wealth Building Organization through the transfer of experience and knowledge on poverty alleviation in low income communities. This important community development program can be understood in a broader context as representing a new, more democratic vision of community-building in general.

The model as adapted by Seeds of Hope Ministries brings together, for the first time, information about the broad range of community wealth strategies, policies, models, and innovations. Their site is built upon the proposition that above all, practitioners, policy makers, academics and the media need solid, cross-cutting information and tools that can help them to understand and support the expansion of these institutions. Across-the-board information, experience, and expertise can also contribute to creating a favorable policy environment in which community wealth approaches are more fully legitimized, recognized, adapted to various social and cultural environment and appreciated as meaningful to the revitalization of our communities. 

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