Sunday, November 10, 2019


Minembwe continues to be as a concentration camp of thousands of refugees from all the villages of the Mulenge region who have been forced to flee for their lives due to continual attacks from the coalition of local and foreign armed groups namely Maimai, Red Tabara and FNL from Burundi. This coalition of evil doers and murderers have burned almost 99% of Banyamulenge villages, looted their cows and killed many people. On November 07, 2019 the following people were massacred in the village of Kirumba by the Mai Mai group from Babembe, Bafuliru and Banyindu tribus together with Burundian rebels of Red Tabara and FNL :
1. Kibirira Aaron 
2. Nyabagaza Kibirira 
3. Mme Zirayi Kibirira 
4. Mme Mzee Mukukuba 
5. Pasteur Gapata Rwumvakamu
The list of people killed since the beginning of the attacks keeps increasing. As for the cows taken, it is estimated so far that about 40,000 cows belonging to Banyamulenge have been taken away by those killers and over 100 villages burned and completely destroyed.  
Their ultimate goal is to drive out all Banyamulenge from the DRCongo. All these tragic and attrocities are being committed at the watch of the Congolese army and the indifferent United Nations forces. 
In fact, there are many cases where the government forces (FARDC) have been seen giving a helping hands to these militias I order to strengthen them in the fight against the local population who have been helplessly defending themselves. 

This situation has been going for the last two years, the ongoing non stop attacks on civilians and looting of their properties has started since February 2019 until now. 
The civil society, the local community leaders, elected officials, and membres of the Banyamulenge diaspora have been crying out loud for national, regional and international help for innocent people in Mulenge, but sadly the world has once again turned a blind eye with a deep sens of indifference for the cause of Banyamulenge. 
Thousands of families are without food and shelter in Minembwe and other pockets areas.  We have been and still continue to call upon the humanitarian organizations to please provide assistance to the suffering internally displaced Banyamulenge in Minembwe. 
One wonders what's left for the Banyamulenge people to do. Should they stay quiet and wait to be wiped out? Should they be expected to remain loyal to a government that has demonstrated many times over its willingness of exterminating them, violating all their rights even the right to live? 
Needless to say that under the international law and principle when a state fails to its obligation to protect it's citizens, it looses the moral and legal right to rule or govern them. Thus, the DRC as a state has totally lost its legal right and legitimacy over the social and political obligations over Banyamulenge people and Mulenge. It's about time that Banyamulenge despite being in their hour of need, to be bold and take their destiny in their own hands and trust only in God's providence. 

Save Mulenge oh Lord!

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