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Whether we like it or not, the DRCongo is going to be split sooner than later and the logic is simple: 
When the majority of the population of any geographic area is no longer being served by the dominant government, then citizens not only have a right to secede, they have a moral obligation to do so. In fact, the process has started as the United Republic of Kivu has already been created. For those who think that this is just a utopia, the information below on what many Kivu communities are doing and saying will enlighten you.
The following article was recently published by the Chimpreports.com  in last June's article.

"Congo Faces Split As Rebels Plan New State Of Kivu"
Several armed groups in the vast Kivu Province have joined hands in a bid to force a major break away from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Chimpreports.com can exclusively reveal.

Led by Colonel Albert Kahasha, the groups are seeking territorial independence and will soon announce a government separate from the Kinshasa leadership.

In a statement released Thursday to this news website, a provincial platform has been formed, “in protest against the central government in Kinshasa inability to take the leadership in reconciliation between the daughters and sons of the Great Kivu.”

Signed by a one Martin Tetunga on behalf of the “Reconciliatory Consultative Council

For Security Development In The Great Kivu,” the statement further reads:

“Members to this platform are the following: Pareco, The group lead by Colonel Albert Kahasha, CNDP/M23 and the union of Congolese for the defense of Democracy.”

Tetunga also notes that “consultation with the leadership of the following groups is on the way: Mai Mai Raia Mutomboki, Mai Mai Cheka, Mai Mai Yakutumba and the group known as Mudundu 40.”………

 Some rebel commanders now believe splitting Congo from Kivu will bring about peace, unity and respect of human rights in the region thus solving the DRC crisis.

According to Tetunga, as a regional structure, the objectives of the ‘Reconciliatory Consultative Council For Security Development In The Great Kivu’ include initiating reconciliation among the daughters and sons of the Great Kivu.

They intend also to “explore all possible avenues for peaceful coexistence among all the tribes and ethnics groups living in The Great Kivu and enforcing security for all the people in the area irrespective of their tribes, gender, religion and ethnic background.”

Tetunga adds the move will as well initiate an administrative system by the people and for the people in the Great Kivu.

This implies the new joint force intends to hold general elections for Kivu to put in place a functioning government.

Tetunga further states the group will initiate a grass root campaign against corruption, nepotism and inefficiency in public service.

“We believe these are the aspirations of all the Congolese people which are long overdue,” says Tetunga.


Multiple sources in the diplomatic community have revealed the rebels want to put an end to the gross human rights violations in Kivu by forming a government similar to that of South Sudan.

“They want political reform and to be given a chance to manage their security. The rebellion is already going on and they have captured many territories from the DRC army,” said a highly placed source.

“People of the Eastern Congo have been marginalized, forgotten and the region has been engulfed by endless bloody ethnic and sectarian conflicts. What we are seeing is self determination within the DRC. The issue also is affecting the whole DRC not eastern part alone. The issues is national not just themselves alone,” said a source.

“It will take time to split but once they have galvanized the political and security of the region, then they can propose for any sort of Independence. But their main concern today is the international community to know their objectives and what they intend to achieve in a long term. They want their concern to be seen as national not sectarian or regional,” the source said.


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