Monday, February 5, 2007

Press release condemning the War in Minembwe

(Maine, USA Feb 03, 07)

We, Banyamulenge community living in the United States of America, Canada and Europe, members of “Mahoro” organization, condemn the fighting being conducted in Minembwe plateaus.
We condemns General Masunzu for conducting war within his own community partnering with the Interahamwe to kill innocent people
We condemn the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo for send its armed forces that comprise the Interahamwe in Minembwe to kill innocent civilians.
We ask the parties fighting on the ground, the government of DR Congo and the international community the following:

To the parties that are fighting:

We condemn the war in all its forms and ask the conflict parties to cease hostilities immediately to avoid more casualties.
We ask particularly the commanders of the forces fighting, namely General MASUNZU on one side and Colonel Venant BISOGO and major Michel RUKUNDA, to stop the fighting.
We ask that all the officers to station back their troupes within their initial positions to give chance for dialogue for peace.
Following the news that Interahamwe have been involved in the fighting, we ask everyone who is collaborating with the “genocide forces” to cut any relations with them immediately. We recommend that those who persist to use Interahamwe to destroy our community be banned from Banyamulenge community.
We ask that all the cattle and other properties looted from civilians be returned immediately. Whoever collaborating with the Intehamwe is held responsible for all loses.
We ask that all rights of all prisoners to be respected and captive to be released immediately without being tortured.
We ask that the entire BANYAMULENGE community members wherever they may be to unanimously condemn and discourage the killing of innocent people.

To the International Community we ask:

The international community to condemn the killing being perpetrated by those who have done other killing of Banyamulenge refugees in Burundi in 2004.
The United Stated of America and other countries to ask the DR Congo government to stop the fighting immediately.
The United Nations peacekeeping forces in DR Congo (MONUC) to send troupes to stop the fighting and killing of civilians.
The humanitarian NGOs to help displaced civilians and assist the wounded.
The international community to ask President Joseph KABILA to remove the Interahamwe in Eastern DR Congo and within the Congolese army because that continues to perpetrate Tutsi genocide.
To the Government of the Democratic we ask:

The President Joseph KABILA to stop immediately the war launched by its troupes against innocent Banyamulenge population.
The President Joseph KABILA to remove General Patrick Masunzu in Minembwe because he is instigating war and send him to Kananga where he has been affected.
That dialogue and mediation be launched between the government army and the forces led by Colonels BISOGO and MAKANIKA so that their troupes can be integrated in the regular army.
That the Minembwe area be demilitarized. All the troupes sent in the community be withdrawn immediately because they are obviously causing insecurity among the local population.
The government of DR Congo to rehabilitate all the community infrastructures destroyed by the war and resettles the population displaced by war.

In this difficult period for the Banyamulenge community, the MAHORO group asks all members of BANYAMULENGE community, other friends and the civil society to provide the support needed to innocents victims of the fighting. We also ask all the neighboring countries to condemn this war and help to bring about reconciliation.

On behalf of AMAHORO Group

Dr Modeste Mbazumutima
Phone: (623) 313 0255

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