Wednesday, January 29, 2020


Muramvya, January 29th, 2020,

A government supported coalition of Ethnic militias Mai Mai and foreign armed groups from neighboring countries including Red Tabara, FNL and FOREB ( all from Burundi) have once again renewed their massive coordinated attacks against the Banyamulenge population in various villages and killed at least 5 innocent civilians during a four day attack to many Banyamulenge villages. Some of the victims of yesterday's killings include Pascal Mugema, Museveni,  and Kaba, with two more young men who were kidnapped and shortly killed by the Mai Mai while they were travelling to Uvira; travelling without being aware that these genocidaires were hunting all Banyamulenge travellers so they can kill them simply for being Banyamulenge. The so called general commandant Ebuela have claimed responsibility for the attacks of those villages which he proudly claim to be of foreigners to be kicked out of Congo by all means necessary. 

The Mai Mai Militia killings of innocent Banyamulenge civilians in Mulenge area of (Indondo) is an ongoing genocide against Banyamulenge that has been going on since the beginning of last year ( February 2019) in various areas of Mulenge region and continues being implemented while the DRCONGO government soldiers were occasionally caught distributing minution and sometimes even fighting alongside the Mai Mai militias. 

Since, Wednesday last week the Mai Mai militias led by Ebuela with their Burundian armed groups partners moved their attacks to the remaining area known as Indondo, (between Bijombo and Muramvya) that had not been strongly attacked like Minembwe and Mibunda. 

Since the last week they launched massive attacks burning and completely destroying the following villages, among which are the villages of: Mugeti, Kinyoni, Irango 1 & 2, Masoro, Kajembwe, Kagogo, among others; living innocent civilians, children, women and elderly with no shelter and protection during this rainy season. 

The saddest fact is to observe the complaisance, complicity and indifference of government authorities in the middle of an ongoing genocide against Banyamulenge; and with no apparent need to take prompt and effective action against the militias and foreign armed groups. 

One wonders how will the Congolese government ever bring these cycles of killings and reprisals to an end when they openly and clearly support the militias committing genocide against one group of its citizens? How can the Congolese government ever claim any moral and legal authority over a segment of people which they have not only completely abandoned in their hour of need for protection, but also delivered in the hands of their ultimate killers to the point of arming their ennemies who are committing the genocide against them in the plain daylight? 

It should be noted that the Congolese government officials both military and political/civilian must be held responsible for failing in their responsibility to protect during ongoing genocide against Banyamulenge along with the militia leaders including but not limited to Ebuela, Yakutumba, Mushumba, and the leaders of Red Tabara, FNL and Forebu. 

It should also be noted that if the Banyamulenge population in the high plateau area of Mulenge are still not completely wiped out by the coalition of fighting armed groups it is only because of the civilian self-defense group of Twirwaneho who have decided to take security responsibility of their people into their own hands because the government has failed to adequately protect their villages and property. Up until now they miraculously still manage to withstand these government supported militias who have an easy access to firearms, including military assault weapons supplied by government military officials which has contributed to the groups' growth and militarization.  

We call for the international humanitarian organizations to quickly come to aid thousands of civilians who are left with no shelter and food completely abandoned to themselves with no support whatsoever. 

We also call for the Human Rights organizations to go to Mulenge area and investigate these atrocities and hopefully hold those responsible accountable. 

Journal Minembwe 


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