Monday, October 7, 2019

Will Tchisekedi restore Peace in Minembwe?

Minembwe September 08th, 2019. 

While the rest of Southern Kivu is excited to receive the newly elected president Tchisekedi Tchilombo in Bukavu this Monday and other regional presidents, the Minembwe populace continues to suffer various attacks from the DRC government supported Mai Mai militias. Cows are being taken by Mai Mai by thousands everyday. 

In his speech in Bukavu, Mr. Tchisekedi promised to fight for peace and even die for it if need be. But does his fight for peace include Minembwe/ mulenge or it will make it even worse considering that his regime has victimized Banyamulenge people more than any other presidents in Congo. 

For decades, the Banyamulenge people in the Mulenge region have been subjected to extreme form of discrimination, abuse and xenophobia from their own government usually through their neighboring ethnic groups. They had been restricted access to many basic government services, not to mention infrastructure. 

The government since independence has supported, promoted and some time initiated actes of violence either through state military forces or ethnic armed groups whose intentions were to destabilize Banyamulenge until they abandon their land and country, which in their views does not belong to Banyamulenge.

 As a result, these constant threats, abuse, killings and looting of their flocks, and burning of their centuries built villages a great number of people have fled and abandoned their home land of Mulenge. It is actually becoming impossible to keep a lid on the catalogue of tragic events of Violence, torture and extrajudicial killings that are again all part of the recent narrative in Mulenge. 

May God save Mulenge 


Journal Minembwe. 

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