Tuesday, February 19, 2019


While few people close to Yerodia Ndombasi May have been naturally saddened by the death of the cruelest Congolese genocidaire, none other than Mr. Yerodia Ndombasi, truth be told, today was an excitingly happy day for millions of victims across the world whose children, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters were massacred as a result of Abdoulaye Yerodia Ndombasi order to exterminate all Tutsis and whoever looks like them in the DRC. 

Ndombasi died to day at the age of 86 in Kinshasa. He was born on 15 January 1933.

Yerodia Ndombasi used to be a long-time high-ranking official in the Congolese government (DRC). 

He used his platform and power to promote hatred against Tutsis in Congo, resulting in a massive massacre of thousands innocent people across the DRCongo in 1998. 

Instead of being brought to justice and condemned, the DRC government rewarded him with even more privileges. 

From 1997 to 1999, Yerodia Ndombasi served as the Cabinet Director for President Laurent-Désiré Kabila. From March 1999 through late 2000, Yerodia Ndombasi served as the Minister of Foreign Affairs. In 2003, Yerodia Ndombasi became one of the four vice-presidents under President Joseph Kabila in a transitional government as mandated by a peace settlement with rebel groups and opposition parties. In 2007, he became a Senator in the Congolese government. What a shame. That was a slap in the faces of all Congolese Tutsi, and an exact indicative of how the Congolese government view and treat Congolese Tutsis! 

Despite his criminal actions and gross violence of human rights the international community gave him diplomatic recognition and immunity and chose once again to remain indifferent to the cause of Congolese Tutsis, especially Banyamulenge. 

 However, it should be noted that on  " 11 April 2000, an investigating judge of the Belgian tribunal de première instance issued an international arrest warrant against Yerodia Ndombasi, charging him with serious violations of international humanitarian law ."  

The sad thing is that he dies before facing justice. But the right judge, and creator of the Universe who has decided to take his life today will surely render him his due justice in eternity. 

The unfortunate thing is that he leaves behind more disciplines of his hatred and xenophobic ideology in the DRCongo. 

But God will one day remember the long oppressed groups in the DRC and hopefully give them the territory that will eventually be their promised land. Justice as a way of always prevailing in the final analysis. It's about time that the oppressed people of Eastern Congo recognize that Self determination of Kivu is their only way out of oppression, poverty, insecurity and perpetual injustice. 

For Journal Minembwe 


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