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Edmonton, August 13, 2016
 This Saturday August 13 marks the 12th anniversary of the genocide perpetrated against the Banyamulenge refugees in Gatumba (Burundi) in 2004. To mark the event, over 300 banyamulenge, Tutsi Congolese will gather together to remember their brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and children who were mercilessly massacred in the middle of the night while they were sleeping in their refugee camp in Burundi sixteen years ago.  
The Banyamulenge communities across the country and around the world in partnership with its partners are massively holding commemorative events marking the 12th anniversary of the Gatumba genocide against Banyamulenge which took place on August 13th, 2004 in Burundi.
In Edmonton the Banyamulenge community condemns in the strongest possible terms the vicious attack that took place on the night of August 13, 2016 when Banyamulenge refugees were peacefully sleeping in their tents only to suddenly find themselves being surrounded by killers with machetes, grenades, being burned alive, and shot at by an armed group from the National Liberation Front of the Party for the Liberation of the Hutu People, which is an extremist terrorist group based in the great lake region, led by Agatho Rwasa; in collaboration with some elements from the Democratic Republic of Congo’s army launched an attack on vulnerable and defenseless refugees many of whom were children and women for only being Tutsis.  “The Saturday event is expected to be the biggest commemoration event of the Gatumba genocide in Edmonton to date; as it is bringing together many young people and all community members to not only commemorate the lives of their brothers and sisters, but also to call for justice against Agatho Rwasa who publicly claimed the slaughter of innocent refugees by members of his political party as well as others who participated in the killing of over 162 innocent women, men and children” stated Mr. Muhoza, one of the event organizers. Some of the witnesses of this horrible massacre living in Edmonton will also give their testimonies during the event.
It is important to state that until this day the Banyamulenge people in the DRCongo and Burundi continue to face daily acts of violence, persecution and dehumanization for simply being who God created them to be__Tutsis.  “The Banyamulenge community across Canada is urging the Canadian government to use its influence by demanding the Burundian government to handle over those responsible for this vicious massacre of innocent refugees, specifically Agatho Rwasa who is now one of country's political leaders, so that he can face justice” argued Ndamiyimfura, one of community leaders. 
For more information on the event please call 587-778-2592; or 780-802-4047

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