Thursday, May 15, 2014

Former RCD Officer, Col. Jules Mutebutsi has died

Col.Jules Mutebutsi, died on Friday night in Rwanda
Mutebutsi led the seizure of Bukavu in 2004 with Gen. Nkunda  
It is important to recall that Col Mutebutsi and Gen Laurent Nkunda had been jailed in Kigali as a decision taken by Rwanda after the ICGLR wrongly advised Rwanda to arrest them in order to end a war that destabilized DRC and the region at large. We say ‘wrongly advised’ because neither  Mutebutsi nor Nkunda were not the cause or the reason for the war in eastern Congo in the first place. The proof is that after being jailed in Rwanda for almost 10 years, there has been various episode of wars and conflicts in the jungle called the Democratic Republic of Congo.
During the Bukavu war in 2004, Col. Mutebutsi entered in Rwanda with his troops that were fighting with the DRC’s army and entered Rwanda via Bukavu in the South-Kivu province. He was commanding the 10th battalion.

Col Mutebutsi died on Friday May 9th, 2004 in Kings Faisal Hospital in Kigali Rwanda due to natural death as it has been communicated to Journal Minembwe. Meanwhile some of the relatives of the late Col Mutebutsi told Journal Minembwe that he might have died due to a severe heart attack. Mutebutsi is known for his devotion to his community. 
by M. A. 

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