Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lesson from Museveni's four days visit to Rwanda

President YoweriMuseveni accompanied by his wife Janet Museveni, Minister of Karamoja affairs,his first daughter Natasha Karugire, six cabinet ministers and other top government officials, have concluded their historical visit to Rwanda. Their trip quickly followed Janet Kagame, Rwandan first lady's visit to Kampala accompanied with her kids.
What a better way of demonstrating the level of mutual trust between the two presidents. During his visit in Rwanda, President Museveni was taken to President Kagame's farm where H.E gave him 10 cows of the high class called Inyambo. The visit of these two statesmen speaks volume about the kind of politicians both men and their cultural resemblance.
First, it demonstrates what only few real skilled politicians do_the dynamism of politics. Real politicians know when to fight, and when to be friends. They know that in politics there is neither an eternal ennemi, nor eternel friend. They act based on the current political interest of their countries. They understand that there is nothing personal in politics, after all it is a game and an art.
Whereas, amateur politicians, think very short term based, and act eternally within the same political framework. To them, nothing changes, what is will always be.Their credo is :« today's ennemi is tomorrow still ennemi». Instead of focusing on the changing future, their fix their minds to a permenant past, which dictates their today's actions. They are experts in burning bridges, and poisoning the minds of their vulnerable hostage-like publics. Their policies are stastic, and short sighted, mostly built on emotions.
Sadly, the amateur politicians dominate the political atmosphere of African continent from community based politics to high level of governmental institutions.
During the press conference, president Kagame said that his « meeting with his Ugandan counterpart was aimed at bettering the already good relations, observing that it came at the “right time” and that the visit left an air of happiness at all levels including the government and the citizens».
Speaking of the state of their relations, president Museveni said: “Along the way, there were some issues, some misunderstandings which we have transcended.” Speaking as a man on a mission, Museveni «observed that the journey remains long for Africa and hence “we must get moving.” He noted that the people of the Great Lakes region are the same, and called them «the Interlacustrine Bantu,”
The two statesmen articulated the sameness of their people, and Africans, focusing on what unit Africans, not what divides them. The lesson is: politics is a living, breathing, and dynamic game whose principle is change, and adaptation. Nothing is constant in politics. This should inspire the amateurs so called politiciens and help them learn this important lesson.

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