Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Le Senateur et sa delegation visitent le Nouveau Bureau en Construction

October 6th,2010 marks the 1st anniversary of the tragic death of our beloved late Benjamin Serukiza, the former Vice governor of South-Kivu who played a major role in the struggle for freedom, and political emancipation of Banyamulenge people and the reconciliation of people of Kivu.
His story is still newsworthy, part of a tragedy that has always fallen on Banyamulenge emerging political figures. Only questions about his fate remain, ever since he died to brain cancer, while pursuing his medical care in the United States of America for over 3 months.
Journal Minembwe invites all Banyamulenge people to remember the deeds of Mr. Serukiza and keep his legacy alive. Although people forget quickly, there are those who try to keep his memory alive, including his daughter Solange Serukiza who has courageously reminded us about remembering her beloved father.
Mr.Serukiza's actions have a great impact today; they are proof that even one person can change history. They prove that one can be a politician and still be a a good born again christian as he was very well known to be. Serukiza proved by being the first Munyamulenge vice governor in Kivu that there is always hope for political liberation despite myriad difficulties of discrimination in DRC. Serukiza was also known for his civil courage, honesty, humanity, tolerance, eloquence and faith even when faced with a deadly disease. Late Serukiza stands for speaking out openly against injustice, intolerance, prejudice, bias and hate, which are still prevalent today in the Democratic Republic Congo.
His deeds remind us that even when evil seems insurmountable, one still has to try to overcome it. Today, that could mean taking a bolder stance against human right abuses and violence happening in our midst.
Spiritually speaking, Mr. Benjamin Serukiza is more alive than most of us who are still around living our ordinary, day-to-day lives. He is more alive than most of us, because of what he has done. Let us imitate him as we remember.

Muhoza Akim

Journal Minembwe

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