Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Journal Minembwe is pleased to provide update on the peace process in the fighting against Interahamwe FDLR in the Kivus. The information below relating to the operation Kimia II were published by the local media including Radio Okapi:

Heavy gunfire were heard in the night from Thursday to Friday in the town of Luvungi, 17 kilometers from Kamanyola, in territory of the same name, in the province of South Kivu. According to testimony, these shots are awarded to two brigades of the Congolese army who would dispute the leadership of operations Kimia II

It was about 20:15, local time, the first shots were heard. According to a civil authority, so it was an exchange between the 33rd and the 109th Brigade, both belonging to the FARDC. The first, from the North Kivu and poorly known in the region, according to the source, would take the lead in their Kimia II stage. What object the 109th Brigade officially involved in these operations. Nervousness helping the shooting are parties on both sides.

Toward the military command, it recognizes the leadership battle between two units of the Congolese Armed Forces. Besides, it's for the second time that the altercations were reported between the two brigades. On the night of Wednesday to Thursday at 2h local, they had already learned it. Captain Olivier Amuli, spokesman Kimia II in South Kivu has awarded the first altercation with a lack of communication and coordination between the two commandments FARDC units based in this part of the province. Basically, says he, a fire at the local market would have to believe in each camp to attack FDLR.

No damage human is registered so far, say sources. Operations Command Kimia II for his part promised to rectify as soon as possible this situation

The operational commander Kimia II, Colonel Delphin Kahimbi rejected Monday the request of former Mai Mai armed group operating Zebulun in the highlands of the territory of Uvira. These ex-militiamen asked the direction of Kimia II in these trays they be entrusted. Colonel Kahimbi said no to their approach, reports radiookapi.net

In a letter dated September 3 with the operational commander Kimia II, the group hopes that those members that have been identified and registered by the Military Integration Structure (SMI) command operations Kimia II, which will begin shortly in the highlands.
They argue that as grounds to request that they are supposed to better understand the field.

For his part, Colonel Kahimbi these Kimia II transactions can be conducted only by the FARDC. "The end of the existence of armed groups had been officially declared to the Chief of General Staff and to the provincial authority. We have already made the deployment of units under the 2nd phase of operations. There s nothing that will stop opérations.J told you during my briefing that we will not let anything or anyone near or behind. We have no other technical procedures to accommodate as armed combatants to the accelerated integration within the units involved. But now that we must entrust a particular mission, which is out of question. ", Said
Operations Commander Kimia II.

Journal Minembwe

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