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Minembwe, June 20th, 2009

As the world marks the World Refugee Day on June 20, Rose Mapendo, a munyamulenge woman, victim of torture and survivor of genocide against Banyamulenge in Congo, presently resident of United States of America, was awared a humanitarian award as a hero. Mrs. Susan Sarandon, a Hollywood Movie Star recommended Rose Mapendo as one of the Heroes to be awarded the Humanitarian of the Year's Award.
This is an indication that even good deeds by humble and regular people are sometimes recognized. To have a Munyamulenge woman at the stage of World and International Media is something that only happens in America. No wonder America is the greatest of what humans have to offer in this universe!
It is not only the few unfortunate bad actions such as unjust wars, and the support of world dictators. But, America is still the beacon of hope for the world's population. It is still the place where good is recognized and encouraged. A place that still offers hope for millions of unfortunate people who still found a reason to hope and dream despite all diversities. Where else a world renown star would find time to humble interact with a refugee with whom they rarely have anything in common? This only happens in America! and Mapendo was fortunate to be at the right place, with right people at right time.
Much credit however, must be given to Mapendo International, an organization that has devoted itself to save thousands of refugees including Banyamulenge refugees usually ignored by many so called humanitarian organizations staffed by many Hutus and Congolese extremist who take pleasure in denying the cases of Banyamulenge people. Mapendo International has proven to be the only organization so far that is still not influenced by hutu and Congolese extremist's lobbying against Banyamulenge and tutsi refugees in general. Had not been Mapendo International, Rose would not possibly be alive or at least known to day.
Mrs. Susan Sarandon who is also one of American social activists Stars nominated Rose Mapendo after learning about Rose's "dedication to helping refugees around the world". Please click on the link below to view Rose on CNN:
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