Monday, August 25, 2008


Minembwe Sept 08, 2008

Another Congolese rebel group, a wing of Mai Mai group from the Banyindu tribe is apparently determined to carry out the attack against the defenceless Banyamulenge population living in Rugezi area in the denied territory of Minembwe.
Our source indicate that this armed group, have shot several civilians in the last week. Banyamulenge people continue to be the most targeted civilian population in the Eastern Kivu, and in the entire country for that matter. One might wonder for how long this atrocious attacks on civilians are going to go on.
The report from this most fought-over areas of the countryside and interviews with peasants and army officers there indicated that the killings are part of an increasingly bitter government politics against the Banyamulenge people by the Congolese government.
Every time the Banyamulenge refugees in the bordering countries appear to be trying to return to their country in significant numbers, the army or government supported militia such as Mayi Mayi increase their hostilities and deploy their troops in areas once controlled by the Banyamulenge rebel group, whose main purpose was to safeguard the local population against evaders.
It is important to state that the popularity of the government soldiers in Minembwe has been waning due to the fact that these soldiers are grossly violating the human rights of the entire population including but not limited to women violence, lootings and stealing.
Both the rebels and the government army now appear once again determined to incite another violence and conflict by attacking the Banyamulenge civilians.
It has been six months since the civilians and some individual government soldiers gave warnings that another wave of war against Banyamulenge is being prepared by both the Mayi Mayi and the government soldiers. This is the dawn of the final stage in the execution of the dangerous government orchestrated plan to massacre Banyamulenge.
In the recent cases of provacation, a number of government soldier summarily raped women, and shot six innocent civilians near the attacked villages, while the MONUC, the so called UN peace keepers watch in indifference as usual. When the perpetrators of those atrocious crimes were forcefully brought to justice by the families of the victims, the so called government’s justice system refused any effort to hold a trial or even give a warning to its numerous perpetrators of sexual violence.
The sexual violence and killings of innocent civilians appear to be among the most severe human rights violations by the members of government army and supported groups in the war against Banyamulenge people. The victims included many women, all of whom had been raped, assassinated civilians and the entire population that continues to live under a yoke of fear and oppression.


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