Wednesday, June 25, 2008


As was reported yesterday, Rutabara who was assassinated by the official military in the ranks of FARDC, has died at Uvira. Rutabara 25 year old, was the son of Sekanyuzi, rather than Kidogi as mistakenly reported yesterday.
More than a month after the rapes of Women in Minembwe by armer soldiers with complicity of certain Banyamulenge military officials, including the Officer Muheto, other cases of rape, and abduction of women culminate at the targeted assassinations of family members who try to intervene to save their daughters violently removed by the official FARDC.
Today is the case of a young man of 25 years called Rutabara Pilote who was shot and killed by a military commander of the FARDC when he tried to save his sister abducted by a soldier was is a brother of an official military commandant Santos.
The victim died yesterday in a hospital in Uvira as a result of a direct tires in his chest. These soldiers of FARDC control Minembwe and rule the population as sheep led to be slaughted. Each day we hear about cases of women raped, looting cows, goats, chickens and even of food for a population living in a state of terror and poverty.

The Banyamulenge population across the world joined a family of these two victims, the dead and the survivor, and denounce these acts of barbarism committed by and under the command of Commander Santos, General Masunzu, before the eyes of MONUC who seem to enjoy witnessing massive violations of the rights of the Banyamulenge people by soldiers of FARDC. The population also denounced the Congolese government which encourages impunity for these soldiers criminals who took the Banyamulenge population in hostage using the rape of women, and assassinations as a form of terrorism against the people without defense.

Indeed, the population and the family of the victim demand that the Congolese government recognizes that, Rutabara's death is another case of government military attack on civilians. While describing the event of this despicable act, Minembwe newspaper confirms that, the public is demanding an independent inquiry into these assassinations, its circumstances, its sponsors, and perpetrators.

The families of all Banyamulenge victims of Minembwe re-emphasis the charge to demand the full truth about the death of their sons and daughters killed and raped by government soldiers. They also call for the judgement of all the perpetrators of these acts.

The representative of Rutabara family claims that his brother was murdered for having the courage to intervene and try to save his sister raped and then abducted by one of the soldiers of FARDC. After the eyes witnesses and doctors's diagnoses , the family confirms that Santos's Brother the FARDC soldier, had shot the victim after confirming that he was neither armed nor aggressive. Shot in the chest by a bullet, it let him no chance of escaping alive.

Indeed, the family also urges every body to NOT use violence as vengences or take the law in one's hand. The family does not want any violence to be used as an express of sorrow or justice.


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